The ancestors may be long gone, but still, people live by their guidance.


Our ancestors may be long gone, but their way of life still lives on as we continue to maintain it. Well, at least some parts of it, including the Chinese New Year and the superstitions that entail.

The Chinese New Year is a time of gathering with families and friends. It is the most awaited festivity by all Chinese and Chinese-influenced people all around the globe after the Mid-Autumn Festival. Below are some of the superstitions our parents used to tell us.

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1. Do not clean the house on the day of the New Year
Apparently, both our ancestors hated cleaning the house on the day of the Chinese New Year. The tradition has been passed down to our parents and finally to us. According to this particular superstition, if you do not pay heed and clean your house anyway, you will remove all the good luck and wealth from your house — this includes washing hair and clothes.

2. Spring clean before New Year
While cleaning the house on Chinese New Year's day is strictly prohibited according to our ancestors, cleaning the house before the New Year is a must. Get it thoroughly cleaned before the very first day of the Chinese or Lunar New Year. By doing so, you get rid of the bad energy and make room for good luck and wealth for the house and family.

3. Pay off your debts
This superstition revolves around the fact that Chinese New Year is all bout bringing prosperity and wealth. Our ancestors used to believe that if you don't pay off your debts before the Chinese New Year, you will be spending the next 12 months the same way, if not worse. Similarly, lending money on Chinese New Year's eve is also frowned upon as it means you wish bad luck to others.

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4. No spooky time
Telling horror stories on Chinese New Year's eve is highly discouraged. This includes but is not limited to stories involving death, violence, and ghosts. Our ancestors believed that saying the very word "death" itself was enough to ruin the entire festivity, which has extended into the prohibition against watching horror shows and movies in the modern days.

5. Open the door
Opening the doors and windows on the day of the New Year brings in some fresh air and, again, according to the ancestors, good luck. Opening the doors and windows is a sign of invitation for positivity and lets in good spirits.



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