Sobfest: 2025 would be the last year for the band to create an album together.


Coldplay's lead singer, Chris Martin, has announced that the band will stop recording new music together after 2025.

The singer announced the news while co-hosting a pre-recorded BBC radio broadcast with a British host, Jo Whiley. Although the Christmas-themed show is scheduled to air on Thursday evening, a tape of Martin confirming the band's retirement was released on the BBC earlier in the day on a different Radio 2 breakfast show.

“Will there come a time when Coldplay stops?” Whiley asked Martin.

Martin answered that they will only make three more proper albums and the last one will come out at the end of 2025. After that, they'll just be touring and probably do some collaborative things. Martin had hinted in some of their previous interviews that the band's album-making might come to an end, but he had never mentioned when before this.

Whiley said she's not sure if Chris is joking or being deadly serious, but he seems "disarmingly honest."

The announcement was welcomed with inevitable sadness by the band's large fan base, with one fan, Thomas Rowson, tweeting: “Well, we knew the day would come sometime. I guess I was just in denial and hoping it would be longer. It’s the first time they’ve put a date on it … Here’s to the last 3 albums!”

The end of the long journey

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Coldplay was originally created in 1996, in London, United Kingdom, by Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion. Since their debut, "Parachutes," in 2000, they have produced nine albums. They've won seven Grammy Awards and sold over 100 million albums globally throughout that time.

Coldplay's deal with Warner Music has just renewed three months ago, as Variety first announced, with the British band negotiating a new long-term deal with Parlophone and Atlantic Records.

He informed UK music magazine NME in October that the band planned to release 12 albums before calling it a quit "since it's a lot to throw everything into making them." That same month, Coldplay released their ninth album, "Music Of The Spheres".

"Music of the Spheres," the band's most recent album, was released in October and was described by Variety as "an uneven mix of synth-drenched power-pop, cosmic interludes." The band even invents an extraterrestrial language and surprising everyone with a couple of great collaborations.

One of the biggest collaborations from their latest album is "My Universe", a collaboration with the most popular South Korean boy group, BTS. They released the single on September 24 earlier this year and it goes straight to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it Coldplay's second No.1 at the Hot 100. Both Coldplay fans and BTS fans are thrilled with this iconic collaboration.

The song has also been performed live in several events such as Global Citizen Live, NBC The Voice Live Finale, American Music Awards, and the last day of BTS' own 4-day concert in Los Angeles earlier this month.

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Coldplay reportedly has to cancel numerous shows in December, including their planned performance at the Capital Jingle Bell Ball in London, due to positive COVID-19 tests in their touring group.

However, they have planned on their 2022 world tour in October 2021, along with a number of initiatives aimed at reducing the band's environmental impact. The band has pledged to reduce CO2 emissions by half compared to its 2016-2017 global tour and to power the stage performance almost exclusively with renewable energy.

The tour, which will begin in August of next year, will have a "kinetic floor" to capture energy generated by fans, a stage built of recycled resources, solar panels, and renewable battery and mains electricity. They will also plant a tree for every ticket sold.

Coldplay also has been nominated for Group of The Year and Best Rock/Alternative artist at the next Brit Awards in February 2022.


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