Cakap and YABB provide leading learning solutions through technology.


The digital transformation that has taken place very quickly in the past year has rapidly changed the way we interact. The Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII) survey highlighted a significant increase in internet users, where the largest user segment is youth or generation Z (15-20 years) and young adults/millennials generation (25-34 years). 

However, the high penetration of internet usage does not reduce the unemployment rate in Indonesia. According to BPS (Statistics Indonesia), until the end of February 2021, there were 8.75 million unemployed people and 11.45% of whom are SMK/SMK graduates, around 1 million people.

Cakap and Gojek answer the challenge of technology education that Indonesia faces

Photo Courtesy of Cakap


Acknowledging those circumstances, Indonesia’s pride-and-joy companies in education and ride-hailing, Cakap and Gojek, through the Yayasan Anak Bangsa Bisa (YABB), have dreamed about a program that can help Indonesia’s younger generation to maximize the use of the internet. Based on this awareness, information technology players hope that there will be a program that can help the younger generation of Indonesia maximize the use of the internet. One of them is the cooperation program by the nation's children's creation company in technology, namely Cakap and the YABB, which stands for Gojek to maximize the competence and quality of the young generation.

Targeting SMK graduates

Through the 'English for Engineering' program from Cakap in the talent development program, GenerasiGigih from YABB targets SMK graduates, recent college graduates, and those interested in technology from all over Indonesia. The GenerasiGigih program will be divided into 30 class groups with 50 meeting sessions over six months. Registration of participants, which has been open since the end of April, will be filled with several learning sessions, learning programs, and will end at the end of December 2021.

The vision is to elevate people's lives

Cecilia Ong, Cakap Vice President of Business Development, notes that this program is in line with Cakap's vision to elevate people's lives because this program seeks to equip the youth with English language skills through the use of technology for building the nation, particularly for opening greater opportunities for Indonesian youth.

Photo Courtesy of Cakap


“As a technology-based platform, Cakap sees the importance of mastering information and communication technology which will provide wider opportunities to improve one's quality of life and build the nation's future. In addition, we also take advantage of this opportunity to be open with YABB to use young people's internet as technology experts to support the future of Indonesia's technology industry, "explained Cecilia Ong.

The high quality of human capital will certainly encourage the birth of highly competitive science and technology products. This will also have a positive impact on Indonesia, along with active efforts to increase the demand for Indonesian talent in the technology sector.

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