Unveiling the Hidden Gem of Bali's Bukit Peninsula


Amidst Bali's bustling popularity, Karma Kandara emerges as a secluded haven on the Bukit Peninsula. Offering luxury, serenity, and culinary delights, it promises an unparalleled seaside experience that captures the hearts of those seeking exclusivity.

Nestled on Bali's southern coast, Karma Kandara provides tranquility away from the crowds. Amidst the touristy spots, this hidden gem shines as a testament to the existence of serene paradises. With exclusive amenities and breathtaking views, it crafts an enchanting escape.

Culinary Excellence Above the Cliffs

The journey starts at Di Mare, Karma Kandara's exquisite restaurant perched on Uluwatu cliffs. Azure sea views form a backdrop to Chef Joseph Antonishek's culinary marvels. A Mediterranean-inspired menu highlights fine ingredients, creating a symphony of flavors.

From delicate Butterfish Aburi to velvety Hokkaido Diver Scallop, each dish narrates culinary excellence. Yet, Ayam Cemani Agnolotti takes center stage. Crafted from rare Javanese Cemani black chicken, this pasta dish with mascarpone offers an unforgettable gastronomic memory.

A Trio of Beachfront Bliss

Beyond culinary artistry, Karma Kandara boasts a trio of beachfront experiences, each with its ambiance and menu. Golden sands of Karma Beach are accessible through an inclinator lift, stairs, or van service, allowing exploration.

Le Club 22, a beachfront concept, presents Italian-Mediterranean cuisine. Dishes like Le Club 22 Bisque Avec Sa Rouille tantalize taste buds against crashing waves.

Phoenix Bar crafts signature cocktails; Karma Spritz mirrors the setting sun's colors. Live jazz transforms the ambiance as the sun sets.

Tiki Bar, inspired by Balinese aesthetics, serves handcrafted cocktails and BBQ. The refreshing Zombie cocktail, with rum, lime juice, and tropical flavors, complements the Indian Ocean view.

A day at Karma Kandara is more than a mere experience—it's a soul-nourishing journey. As visitors reluctantly bid farewell to this hidden haven, they carry with them memories and a renewed sense of gratitude for the magic within the heart of Bali.

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