Dubai remains one of the most crypto-friendly cities.


Despite the pandemic, in 2021, Dubai hosted various crypto events and remained one of the most crypto-friendly cities. The crypto culture in Dubai is strong and sait to keep growing moving forward.

With various events held last year, Dubai attracted so many crypto enthusiasts across the globe. Many events such as AIBC UAE, World of Web3 Summit, and the World Blockchain Summit are proofs of its intention to coexist with crypto.

Dubai's crypto events
AIBC UAE was held in Dubai Festival City in May 2021. AIBC is an AI, and blockchain summit held yearly in Dubai. This year AIBC will be held from March 28-31, 2022.

In October last year, various crypto events in Dubai, such as the Crypto Expo Dubai, an event full of exotic cars. Other notable events include the World of Web3 Summit, held at Atlantis The Palm, and the Future Blockchain Summit. During the World Blockchain Summit, there was a charity boxing match between renowned crypto influencers.

As for the upcoming events, in February 2022 alone, there will be more than 20 crypto-related events held across Dubai. These events include the Blockchain Dubai 2022, NFT Happy Hour, and NoorNFT + Art Show. Those three will be held on February 16 at the Grand Hyatt Dubai.

Crypto culture and atmosphere in Dubai
Dubai's atmosphere is more formal than other crypto cultures, such as Berlin and Silicon Valley. Bitcoin 2021 in Miami had a beach music festival, and people dressed in the uniform of techies — hoodies. But in Dubai, most events required the participants to put on a suit.

Similar to Miami, yacht parties are popular side events in Dubai, where various influencers and investors rub shoulders while taking in the views from Atlantis The Palm. People will not go to a yacht party in a hoodie. They put on fancy dresses and tuxedos.

Kirill Mishanin, the co-founder of Infodriver Capital, said that Dubai is an attractive place to start a crypto-related business. There are also a lot of events that the government supports.

"Dubai is very crypto-friendly and blockchain-oriented — you can easily set up a crypto-related company in the DMCC Free Zone with zero taxes," Mishanin noted. "There are also a lot of events which the government supports, and it is easy to buy cars or property with crypto."

Attendees can also enjoy other crypto-related events intended for amusement and education, such as rooftop parties and seminar sessions. One of these is the EcoX blockchain networking event, held weekly at the Conrad Hotel.

Since the UAE is a Muslim country, gambling is prohibited during any events, but alcohol could be found on open bars.


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