Immerse Yourself in Thailand's Culinary Delights at Pullman Jakarta Indonesia's Thai Food Festival


Pullman Jakarta Indonesia collaborates with Pullman Bangkok King Power to present a spectacular Thai Food Festival, inviting food enthusiasts to embark on a tantalizing culinary journey.

From August 30th to September 6th, 2023, indulge in a feast of flavors curated by guest Chefs Khun Sirapong Pradit and Khun Phakaporn Chunlamonton, as they showcase their culinary expertise. Delve into the heart of Thailand's gastronomic heritage and savor the rich traditions that Thailand's cuisine has to offer.

Chef Khun Sirapong Pradit, with a celebrated two-decade career, has earned acclaim for his mastery and dedication in crafting unforgettable dining experiences. His journey through prestigious establishments has continuously elevated Thai cuisine to new heights.

Complementing the festival, Chef Khun Phakaporn Chunlamonton infuses creativity into Thai cuisine, presenting dishes that are not only delectable but also works of art. Her commitment to quality and innovative approach shines through, delighting diners with harmonious flavor combinations.

Savor Thai Delights at Sana Sini Restaurant

At the heart of the festival lies Sana Sini restaurant, where guests can immerse themselves in an authentic and aromatic journey of flavors. Indulge in the perfect harmony of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy notes that define Thai cuisine. From the iconic spicy Tom Yum soup to fragrant stir-fries, tangy salads, and delightful desserts, Thailand's culinary heritage takes center stage.

The Thai Food Festival offers lunch and dinner options from August 30th to September 6th, 2023, with prices starting from Rp420,000++ per person. Enhance your dining experience by pairing your meal with Singha Beer, available during the event for Rp150,000++ per bottle.

Elevate Your Experience at UNA

For a unique dining encounter, UNA offers an exquisite set menu Thai Discovery dinner. Hosted in a private venue on the 15th level of Pullman Tower, the six-course Thai menu features dishes like Yam Som o kub hoy shell, Tom khaa goong maenaam hed shimeji, Hormok plahima, Garng mussamun kae, Gaeng kiew waan goong mangkorn, and Kanom piakpoon maprao orn.

This exclusive dining event will take place on September 5th, 2023, at 6.30 pm, priced at Rp1,200,000++ per person. Accor Plus members can enjoy an exclusive rate of Rp1,080,000++ per person. The experience includes live music entertainment and a special Thai souvenir.

Unveil the Secrets of Thai Cooking

Delve into the intricacies of authentic Thai cooking with expert guidance. Join Chef Khun Sirapong Pradit and Khun Phakaporn Chunlamonton on September 2nd, 2023, for a hands-on Thai Food Cooking Class. The on-site class, priced at Rp500,000++, includes a 3-course Thai menu cooking experience, an apron, a chef's hat, a recipe book, a certificate, and special Thai Sambal creations by the Chef. Alternatively, the online class, priced at Rp300,000++, provides ingredients for the 3-course menu, along with an apron, a chef's hat, a recipe book, and an e-certificate, all conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Immerse yourself in the culinary treasures of Thai culture at Pullman Jakarta Indonesia's Thai Food Festival. Don't miss this limited-time opportunity to savor the authentic tastes of Thailand.

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