iPhone X's Legacy: Excluded from iOS 17 Upgrade


Apple's iPhone X, a trailblazing device that revolutionized smartphone aesthetics and navigation gestures, is bidding adieu to the limelight. With the unveiling of iOS 17 at the WWDC 2023 event, Apple made a poignant announcement – the iPhone X will not be graced with the latest update. As the tech giant embraces a new era of innovation, devices predating the iPhone X will also be excluded from the iOS 17 compatibility list.

The iPhone X, a design marvel that reshaped the smartphone landscape, introduced the masses to navigation gestures and a sleek visual identity. However, after six years since its debut, Apple has taken the decision to retire the iPhone X from the league of iOS 17-compatible devices. Regrettably, any device predating the iPhone X will share a similar fate, remaining devoid of the iOS 17 update.

Apple's WWDC 2023 event was a platform to unveil iOS 17 to the global audience, accompanied by a revelation that certain older iPhone models will not partake in this evolutionary leap. The compatibility list shared by Apple on this occasion served as a declaration of its vision for the future, where devices aged beyond the iPhone X era are gracefully left behind.

It comes as no surprise that the iPhone X, having graced the tech scene in 2017, has been excluded. Apple has been known for its commendable software support, ensuring devices enjoy updates for an average of six to seven years. Consequently, the inevitability of withdrawing support for older devices as the tech landscape progresses has become a common trajectory.

Last year, with the announcement of iOS 16, iPhones predating the iPhone 8 were retained within the update cycle. However, considering that both the iPhone 8 series and the iPhone X were launched simultaneously, it was a matter of anticipation that Apple would reserve its final curtain call for these models with the advent of iOS 17.

While this move may seem regrettable to some, it is rooted in necessity. The features embedded within iOS 17 demand a level of performance that older devices simply cannot deliver. The trimming of features to accommodate the iPhone 11 within the update ambit is a testament to this dynamic. As newer iPhones surge forth with greater capabilities, their predecessors are gracefully bowing out of the performance-intensive race.

For iPhone X users, the absence of the iOS 17 update doesn't render their devices obsolete. Apple's commitment to security remains unwavering, ensuring that security patches and bug fixes will continue to be extended. As history has shown, Apple diligently supports devices for extended periods, even spanning a decade. Thus, immediate security risks are mitigated.

However, the ramifications of not upgrading to iOS 17 are undeniable. The allure of novel features, including enhanced Facetime functionality, Contact posters, and the all-new Journal app, will remain beyond the reach of iPhone X users. The device may continue its journey, but the pathway diverges, with newer horizons awaiting those who wield the cutting-edge power of iOS 17.

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