What better way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year than with maximalist Christmas decor – a true celebration of all things fun and festive.


As the holiday season approaches, many are gearing up to transform their homes into vibrant, festive wonderlands with maximalist Christmas decor. Embracing the 'more is more' philosophy, enthusiasts are taking bold risks to create unique and indulgent spaces that radiate holiday cheer. From unconventional color schemes to oversized decorations, here are seven easy ways to embrace maximalist Christmas decor.

1. Be Bold with Color and Pattern

Interior designers are encouraging a playful use of color and pattern to achieve a true maximalist look. Whether it's traditional Christmas colors or modern, vibrant palettes, let your creativity run wild. Leading with a bold item, such as artwork or wallpaper, and incorporating accessories in similar-toned accent shades can create a cohesive and well-thought-out decor scheme.

2. Make the Most of Your Mantel

Maximalist decor isn't just reserved for the Christmas tree. The mantel offers a perfect canvas for an extravagant display. Interior designer Molly Mahon suggests incorporating DIY decorations made with hand-block printed wrapping paper, creating a festive and personalized touch. Layering objects of different heights, textures, and colors adds depth and richness to your maximalist mantel.

3. Take the Lead from Your Existing Decor

For those already living in a maximalist haven, the transition to maximalist Christmas decor is seamless. Let your existing room colors guide your festive decor choices. The key is to maintain the immersive and joyful effect that maximalism brings to your home year-round.

4. Curate a Stand-Out Christmas Tablescape

Designer Molly Mahon encourages going all out with Christmas table decor. From colorful linens to foraged flowers and tall candles, let your creativity shine on the dining table. Experimenting with maximalist decor on the table is an excellent way to make a statement and impress your guests.

5. Make a Statement with Festive Foliage and Flowers

Embrace the over-the-top with glorious garlands and wreaths hanging throughout your home. Sue Jones, co-founder of OKA, suggests unique designs for a maximalist touch. Beyond the traditional front door wreath, hang festive arrangements in windows and on walls to create an inviting indoor-outdoor feel.

6. Go Big with Your Christmas Tree

For a true maximalist effect, opt for a towering Christmas tree. The bigger, the better. Adorn it with colorful or novelty ornaments to complete the extravagant look. A grand tree can establish a magnificent focal point in any room, creating a festive atmosphere.

7. Embrace a More Is More Approach to Festive Decor

When it comes to maximalist Christmas decor, the mantra is 'more is more.' Don't shy away from decorating unexpected spaces like the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Spread festive cheer throughout your home by creating intricate displays on mantels, tables, shelving, and windows. This holiday season, let your maximalist spirit shine and create a space that's a joy to be in.

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