Introducing Garda Healthcare, a digital-based health insurance service


Self-protection amid the current pandemic situation is one of the sought-after services. The pandemic has changed most people's lifestyles. All needs that can be met digitally are increasingly increasing the digital behavior of the community and are expected to continue to survive after the pandemic.

This digital lifestyle is also not limited to people's consumption of daily needs. Health fulfillment also follows this trend. People's purchasing power for health products such as vitamins, drugs, and Covid-19 tests increased during the pandemic era. Unfortunately, another factor in health protection did not improve, namely health insurance.

In Indonesia, health insurance has not received much attention due to the lack of financial literacy related to insurance products. In addition, the unavailability of health insurance products that suit their needs and the complex process of purchasing policies make people reluctant to protect themselves with health insurance.


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Asuransi Astra, one of the most trusted providers of insurance products in Indonesia, responds to the needs of the Indonesian people for health insurance protection. Personal health insurance from Asuransi Astra "Garda Healthtech" officially launched based on a digital platform.

This product is the result of collaboration between Asuransi Astra and Halodoc, which is expected to be a trusted choice for the community to meet health protection needs. The public can easily find Garda Healthtech through the Halodoc application.

"In the industrial 4.0 era as it is today, it is important to consistently develop digital assets while exploring non-organic business growth. But above all, the key to the development of any digital asset, in this case Garda Healthtech, is the customer. We want to provide a comfortable experience, namely a seamless service, especially in the field of health services. Hopefully this product will become a reliable health protection solution," said Director-In-Charge Astra Financial & Logistics, Suparno Djasmin.


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"Garda Healthtech comes in three protection packages that can be tailored to the needs of public health protection. With an easy digital purchase process and affordable prices, we hope Garda Healthtech can become a reliable health protection solution," said CEO of Asuransi Astra, Rudy Chen.

"Garda Healthtech is a collaboration of two companies created by Indonesian children. It is a matter of pride for us at Halodoc to be able to collaborate with a very experienced insurance company such as Asuransi Astra. Hopefully this product can be well received by the public," said CEO of Halodoc Jonathan Sudharta.

Garda Healthtech is a new stage for Asuransi Astra to provide customers peace of mind after successfully managing Garda Medika's corporate health insurance products for 13 years.



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