The refreshing and addictive drink that is boba can be found in many places in Bandung, but not all are as good as it looks. To save you from the disappointment of having a mediocre boba, here's a list.


While you can't find as many boba stores in Bandung as in Jakarta, the city still has a fair bit of options when it comes to the sweet and rejuvenating boba drink, which can be overwhelming, especially if you're a boba newbie (or just don't go around much, which is fair play — pandemic and all). 

However, we believe that no one should experience the disappointment that is mediocre boba. Don't get us wrong — there's always a chance that you'd find a hidden boba store gem in Bandung, but if you're trying to play it safe and you want your boba to be assuredly great, here are some "safe" options for you.


Gulu-Gulu originates from Taiwan and is known for its signature drink, the Brown Sugar Cheese Brulee. Compared with other boba drinks, Gulu-Gulu specializes more in salty drinks — still with the right amount of sugar, of course. If you're looking for a "right" kind of twist to the traditional boba, Gulu-Gulu is a safe bet.

You can find them in Paris Van Java, Trans Studio Mall, and most large malls in Bandung.

Koi Thé

Koi Thé, previously known as Koi Cafe, serves tea-based drinks topped with bubbles or boba, jellies, and aloe vera, among others.

One of its newest product lines is the Oolong tea series, which includes Oolong Tea Latte, Oolong Milk Tea,  Oolong Tea Macchiato, and several others. They're great hot or cold and are enjoyable whether it's warm or cool in Bandung too.

Koi Thé outlets can be found at Paskal Hyper Square, Istana Plaza, and Trans Studio Mall. 


The outlet is known for its mustache logo. One of its best-selling products is called "Es Kocak" — brown sugar coffee with, obviously, boba. You can customize the drink's toppings according to your preferences. They have a wide variety of toppings, too. 

You can find them in most large malls in Bandung (yes, Riau Junction too).

Happy Fat

Happy Fat is a relatively new player to the boba game. Its signature drink is the brown sugar crème brulée. Brown sugar not your thing? Try their mango yakult, strawberry yakult, milk regal, or milk tea boba cheese. 

You can find them in the far reaches of East Bandung, also known as Ujungberung. It's the only outlet they have. For now, at least.


Unlike most boba stores and their milk (and brown sugar) obsession, Gyuunyuu focuses more on fruity drinks. The avocado and the mango series are its signatures, and the addition of tapioca pearls here serves to emphasize the refreshing sensation of the fruits. 

You can find their only outlet in the Paris Van Java Mall. 


Heychago offers the iconic White Rabbit milk boba, which sets them apart from other boba stores. The beverage is just the right thing for the vintage White Rabbit candy lovers, if not merely for nostalgia's sake. The store also offers the usual brown sugar boba milk tea and the like, but why bother traveling all the way to have Heychago just to settle with those?

Like Gyunyuu (and any other great... or "hipster" drink outlets), you can only find Heychago in the PVJ Mall.

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