Catering to Diverse Needs: Hong Kong's Muslim-Friendly Initiatives


The tourism industry in Hong Kong has shown remarkable resilience, with travelers from Indonesia contributing significantly to its growth. In 2023, Hong Kong welcomed over 252,000 Indonesian tourists, marking a remarkable 56% recovery compared to pre-pandemic arrivals. This positive momentum continued into February 2024, with arrivals reaching 101% compared to the same period pre-pandemic. These figures reaffirm Hong Kong's allure as a captivating destination for Indonesian travelers.

With a population of approximately 270 million, encompassing over 40% of the Southeast Asian population, Muslim tourists from Indonesia continue to be a vital segment. In the coming years, the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) will intensify efforts to position Hong Kong as a Muslim-friendly destination. HKTB will collaborate with partners in Hong Kong to educate stakeholders about the needs of Muslim travelers and enhance Muslim-friendly initiatives. Additionally, HKTB will produce tailored promotional materials and enhance its website content to attract more Muslim travelers to visit Hong Kong. By providing Muslim-friendly services and facilities, HKTB ensures that every visit to Hong Kong is an unforgettable experience for Muslim travelers.

Liew Chian Jia, Regional Director of Southeast Asia, HKTB, stated, "We are excited to continue enhancing the tourist experience in Hong Kong through Muslim-friendly initiatives and initiating strategic partnerships with our tourism industry partners to reach Indonesian consumers. Hong Kong is a unique destination, and we are committed to making every visit an unforgettable experience for guests from Indonesia."

Engaging Gen Z and Muslim Indonesian Travelers Through Social Media and Partnerships

HKTB continues to innovate in reaching new audiences and increasing visitor numbers, focusing on developing the Gen Z segment through platforms like TikTok. With creative and relevant content, HKTB has successfully attracted the attention of the social media-active younger generation. The latest flagship campaigns on TikTok include the ongoing TikTok Trip to Hong Kong and the Throwback Campaign, both of which collaborate with Indonesian KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) such as Canny Claudya, Yuda Bustara, Lusia Angelin (Ladyguides), Tiffany Jolie, Ucita Pohan, and Marischka Prudence.

Furthermore, HKTB actively pursues the Indonesian market through strategic partnerships with travel agents, online travel agencies, and airlines, which are crucial steps in creating tailored experiences for Indonesian travelers.

Enhancing the Tourism Experience with Mega Events and New Attractions in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is renowned for its diverse array of large-scale events that dazzle visitors, and HKTB continues to enhance the visitor experience with new and revitalized events throughout the year. One such event is the revamped "A Symphony of Lights," a spectacular light show that combines lights, music, and mesmerizing lasers at Victoria Harbour. This event serves as a magnet for tourists eager to witness the beauty of Hong Kong's nighttime skyline firsthand. Additionally, iconic music festivals like Clockenflap and Creamfields Hong Kong are integral parts of Hong Kong's exciting events calendar. These international music festivals feature various music genres from local and international artists and are well-received by the Gen Z and Millennial segments.

Hong Kong also offers a plethora of captivating cultural and artistic activities throughout the year to enhance the visitor experience. From the vibrant International Chinese New Year Parade at the beginning of the year, dazzling Art programs in April and May, to the lavish Christmas celebrations during Hong Kong Winterfest, there is always something to be enjoyed by visitors of all ages.

The latest addition to Hong Kong's array of attractions is the World of Frozen, a charming Frozen-themed attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland. As the world's first and largest Frozen-themed experience, this attraction offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves fully in the enchanting world of the Frozen film. Visitors can explore the kingdom of Arendelle and experience its stunning landscapes, rich culture, and thrilling adventures.

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