Fostering Cultural Exchange Through Art: Indonesia-Thailand Collaborative Painting Exhibition


The joint art exhibition between Indonesia and Thailand, titled "Blossoming Curiosity," is currently taking place at the National Gallery of Thailand from October 4 to October 29, 2023. The exhibition features the works of 10 renowned Indonesian painters and 10 distinguished Thai painters.

In his opening remarks, Indonesian Ambassador Rachmat Budiman explained that this joint art exhibition is a continuation of last year's art exhibition titled "The Bridge of Color," which was also held at the National Gallery of Thailand.

"In this exhibition, artists from both countries collectively express their ideas, creativity, interpretations of lifestyle, emotions, thought processes, and the unique cultural aspects of both societies through beautiful paintings, each with its distinctive style," Ambassador Rachmat said during his speech.

Deputy Minister of Culture of Thailand, Mr. Phonpoom Vipattipumiprates, expressed his high appreciation to the Embassy of Indonesia in Bangkok for organizing this joint art exhibition, which enhances mutual understanding and strengthens the friendship between the two countries.

Dr. Panupak Pongatichat, Director of the International Division at the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand, who was among the attendees, expressed his appreciation for the Embassy of Indonesia in Bangkok's consistent efforts in organizing art exhibitions from year to year. He stated that this exhibition serves as an excellent platform for artists and the public of both countries to understand each other's cultures, especially as fellow ASEAN nations who share many similarities.

Before the official opening of the joint art exhibition, an Artist Talk session was held at the National Gallery of Thailand, attended by art enthusiasts, art observers, and art students from various universities in Thailand. During this session, Indonesian and Thai painters explained their painting techniques and the meanings behind their exhibited artworks.

In addition to participating in the Indonesia-Thailand Collaborative Painting Exhibition, the ten Indonesian painters visiting Bangkok also conducted various workshops and discussions at several institutions, including the Indonesian School in Bangkok, Bunditpattatasilpa Institute, Silpakorn University, Pohchang Academy, and Chulalongkorn University. Several Thai painters also took part in these activities to support the strengthening of people-to-people contact between Indonesian and Thai artists.

The Indonesia-Thailand Collaborative Painting Exhibition: Blossoming Curiosity is expected to provide a platform for the people of both countries to better understand each other's thought processes, lifestyles, and the richness and uniqueness of their respective art and cultures.

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