This British vehicle brand collaborates with a new partner to provide the best service in Indonesia.


Automotive manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover is back in Indonesia. This premium brand has just announced its presence by appointing PT JLM Auto Indonesia as the sole distributor and importer of vehicles and spare parts in Indonesia. This appointment was made by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Asia Pacific and is effective from August 2021 to strengthen its presence in the largest automotive market in Southeast Asia.

“Working with Inchcape, a leading international automotive business, with the best and most respected local partners creates the perfect combination of distribution, retail and local expertise. The two multinational companies share the principle of providing the best customer service; PT JLM Auto Indonesia, with its strong local network, is the right partner to build a long-term legacy for Jaguar Land Rover," said Alistair Scott, Managing Director of JLR Asia Pacific in an official statement.

Inchcape is Jaguar Land Rover's partner for five decades for the Asia-Pacific region. The company is responsible for the distribution of automotive makers in Hong Kong and Thailand.

After the two countries above, Inchcape entered Indonesia in collaboration with PT JLM Auto Indonesia. For this collaboration, the company then cooperated with the Indomobil Group, which is well known in the automotive business.


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PT Indomobil Sukses Internasional, also known as the Indomobil Group, is a car and motor vehicle manufacturer located in Jakarta, bringing an extensive network and deep understanding of the needs of local Indonesian customers for partnerships.

“We are pleased to now be able to extend this relationship to Indonesia which is the largest automotive market in ASEAN and an important part of Inchcape's APAC expansion plan. Partnering with an established automotive powerhouse like Indomobil, Inchcape is in the best position to continue to raise the bar for our service to Jaguar Land Rover customers, including introducing an extraordinary lineup of models starting today and for years to come,” said Khoo Shao Tze, Business Development Director, Asia at Inchcape Motors Pte Ltd and Managing Director of Inchcape Indonesia.

Gerry C. Kertowidjojo, President Director of PT JLM Auto Indonesia, said that this appointment will be an excellent opportunity to increase the distribution and service of the Jaguar Land Rover in Indonesia. According to him, luxury brands and product portfolios are still much sought after and loved by the Indonesian people.

"We will also continuously introduce various revolutionary initiatives and activities in the coming months, to provide new experiences that are beneficial for all Jaguar Land Rover owners and prospective owners in Indonesia," said Kertowidjojo.

The Jaguar Land Rover brand is known as a brand that is often in and out of Indonesia, at least for the last few decades. This British automotive brand does have loyal fans, but its service has been up and down.

For example, Land Rover was once held by PT Java Motors for decades, to be precise, since 1949. PT Java Motors at that time had brought Land Rover to Indonesia. At this time, the presence of Land Rover even attracted the interest of Ir. Soekarno, the first president of the Republic of Indonesia.


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"In the future, the country's economy will be well-established, there will be a lot of car collectors. It's just that it can't be said to be a classy collector if there is no Land Rover in the garage," Soekarno said around 1958.

Jump to 2012 when Grandauto Dinamika (GAD) was present and became the official distributor of two direct Jaguar and Land Rover products. GAD even brought another British car brand, Bentley.

GAD's time was not too long; the transfer of distribution rights occurred again, and this time to PT Wahana Auto Ekamarga (WAE). The three British brands are under WAE, directly building the largest showroom and dealer in Southeast Asia. The latest JLR models are also offered during this period.

The appointment of JLM Auto Indonesia as the sole distributor is accompanied by the hope that Jaguar Land Rover will continue to be present in Indonesia. Moreover, in 2022, JLM Auto Indonesia will build a showroom centre with  ​​2,913 square meters and built according to Jaguar Land Rover global standards, will be ready at Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), North Jakarta.


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In this facility, customers can browse 8 (eight) new car models consisting of two brands. The new facilities will be equipped for the JLR electric vehicle category, offering customers a wide range of options from gasoline and mild-hybrid engines to plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles.

In line with the company's new global strategy, Reimagine, PT JLM Auto Indonesia seeks to encourage a reimagining of modern luxury rich in sustainability and enhances the customer experience across Indonesia.

“Indonesia is one of the largest auto markets in the Asia Pacific region where we have a strong customer base and brand following. This is an important market for us and therefore, it is important for us to find the right partners who can take our brand to the next level. After months of searching, we believe we have found it,” said Royston Low, Network Development Director, JLR Asia Pacific.

For Jaguar Land Rover customers who want vehicle services, they can visit a temporary workshop located in Halim, East Jakarta, and a temporary showroom and workshop at TB Simatupang in September 2021.


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