Janji Jiwa's newest collaboration with Singaporean brand, Oatside, features a range of soothing blends, like Matcha Oat Latte and many more.


There are many coffee lovers who have a love-hate relationship when it comes to coffee and the cost of it being a gaseous tummy after drinking coffee. One of the main factors to this is the incapability of the stomach to digest milk that has been combined with coffee.

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"The fusion of milk and coffee often is the barrier for people wanting to try to adopt alternative milk, because of that, we now collaborate with Oatside which has been approved by many Asian baristas," said Billy. 

Billy Kurniawan, as the CEO and founder of Jiwa Group, took the gassy complaints of his customers into account. Driven by these complaints, he released Janji Jiwa's new menu, Janji Jiwa x Oatside, on 22 February.

"Aside from the healthy option, the collaboration menu can be an alternative for the vegan 'Sejiwa' drinkers, who pay attention to health, especially for those who are lactose intolerant," said Billy in an official statement on February 23. 

Knowing the benefits of oatmeal is one of the reasons why Janji Jiwa decided to collaborate with Oatside, a pioneer in plant-based milk in Asia.

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Why oat milk?

With the rising trend of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Janji Jiwa is driven to expand its menu and create healthier options for its loyal customers. 

Janji Jiwa wrote on their Instagram page on February 23 about the new nationwide release of their new product which is in collaboration with Oatside, the company that is the pioneering plant-based milk in Asia. 

Oatmeal is both delicious and healthy. Not only it is beneficial for the heart, but also powerful for your cardiovascular health. Until now, humans have been consuming oats for more than 2,000 years.

Oatmeal can help its consumers attain a healthier cholesterol level. There are two particular compounds in oatmeal to thank for, which are avenanthramide, also known as “polyphenolic amides”, and beta-glucans, which is proven to have a significant effect on healthy hearts. Read more about these properties here.

Janji Jiwa x Oatside
"Our vision is also to create drinks which are not only rich in taste but also rich in health and accessible during trips," stated Benedict Lim, the CEO, and founder of Oatside. 

The collaboration released three drinks, Aren Oat Latte, Earl Grey Latte, and Matcha oat latte. 

Aren Oat Latte is a mix of espresso, palm sugar, and oat milk. It is priced at Rp 27,000 for regular size. Earl Grey Oat Latte is a mix of earl grey tea, brown sugar, oat milk, and sprinkles of corn flakes, selling for the same price as Aren Oat Latte. Meanwhile, Match Oat Latte is a mix of matcha, brown sugar, oat milk, and corn flakes, priced at Rp 28,000 for its regular size. 

Currently, the drinks are in promotion. All the '#Oatstanding' series is available in more than 900 Janji Jiwa outlets all around  Indonesia. 

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