Achmad Irfandi builds Yayasan Kampung Lali Gadget to introduce traditional games to children.


Our today's life can't be separated from gadget's presence. Including children who live in the digital era like now, they prefer to watch YouTube Kids rather than playing outside with their friends.

In fact, too much screen time is not suitable for children's development and their health. Considering this, Achmad Irfandi builds Yayasan Kampung Lali Gadget in Wonoayu, Sidoarjo, East Java to bring back what gadgets steal from children: happiness. 

"Children today is very addicted to the gadget. This affects their character so they become more aggressive. Their health is affected too. This is a big problem. Parents know that, but they are in denial. That's why I created Kampung Lali gadget," Irvan said to BASRA (Berita Anak Surabaya). 

"We want to fight this addiction through introducing children to playing traditional games. We should continue our tradition to the next generation. This our mandatory as parents," Irvan stated. Aside from playing, children are trained in leadership and bravery. 


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"Our concept is playing with nature, like water, grass, stone, those such elements are toys for us. We also create new toys from trash. When children look back on their character to be positive again, they are happy. Like there is a child, he is terrified to play mud firstly, but now he is not," Irvan says. 

Growing the potency of Wonoayu

Irfan wants to develop the potency in Sidoarjo, particularly in Wonoayu village through Kampung Lali Gadget. Irfan does that because local people are not aware that there are so many potencies demographically in their region and around. 

"History and demographics potential can be a huge potency as long as we can develop them well. We try to open mind our local by these activities," Irfan said. 


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One of the most considerable potencies in Sidoarjo is its good farming. He reveals that agriculture begins to die because the young generation now doesn't want to be a farmer. Thus, he starts to introduce children to go to the fields, seeing the activities of farmers there. "They can learn a lot," Irfan added. 

Another history potency but still rare people know it is Dermo Wonoayu Temple and Sugar Factory of Popoh Wonoayu. There is also small-medium enterprises (SME's), like guitar maker here, who often accept an order from a foreigner. 

"We also have Udeng Pacul Gowang hand-maker. It's like traditional's cap," Irfan said. 

"We don't want our heritage is disappearing. We can stand side by side with technology, but the our own culture can't be missed," Irfan said.

For the future, he wants to create Culture Hub in Kampung Lali Gadget that can gather cultural communities and doing some collaborations.



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