Forecasting Love and Weather steamy scene on Korean drama series, starring Song Kang dan Park Min Young, on Netflix, made the convos went nuts.


Sunday, February 13, Netflix finally released the second episode of viral Korean drama TV series, Forecasting Love and Weather, in which Song Kang dan Park Min Young, playing as Ha Kyung and Si Woo, respectively, appeared in a steamy scene. 

Considered as R-rated, the Korean drama series directed by Cha Young Hoon tells the story of employees from Korean Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysical Agency on their journey to the sweets and sours of life. Especially, after the second episode, the series attracted comments and even involved Indonesia's Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysical Agency or commonly known as BMKG.

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Highlights of Forecasting Love and Weather
The movie starred Park Min Young, Song Kang, Yoon Park, and Yura from Girl's Day Girl Band as leading roles. Min Young played Jin Ha Kyung who is the Head Division of Weather Forecast, is described as a strict person. Meanwhile, co-star Song Kang played Lee Si Wo, who is described as naive and honest. 

Both are victims of affair and one day after hours, they went to a pub to drink alcohol. In a nutshell, after having talked about the negatives of each of their exes' stories, they got out of the pub in a drunk condition. What started with a question of "can I have a peck of a kiss?", which was thought of as a joke, ended on the bed. 

Nielson Korea media company reported that after the second episode, the rating of the romantic and comedy-drama series went up by 5,4 percent. The second episode of FLW was suddenly the trending topic of Twitter. 

Fun Facts about Forecasting Love and Weather
The series is listed as number three Netflix's trending now. There are several fun facts about the TV series that fans might not know about.

Unexpectedly, the writer of this drama, Sun Young, underwent two years of research for the production. As expressed by Director Hoon, the writer spent his days in the Korean meteorological organization for a total of 10 months.

Another fun fact from this series is that the director himself wants to present his hidden goal for the sweetness and sourness of life which was put in the weather analogy. 

Additionally, through the 12-hour shift of the crews, the director actually obligates the character to constantly show emotions as well as hold a meeting five to six times every day. 

Moreover, in the process of shooting, Song Kang and Park Min Young admitted that they had challenging moments studying meteorological terminology. Those are several fun facts about the show and its characters. 

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Korean drama in correlation with BMKG
The question sets down to how Indonesian BMKG was involved in this. February 14, official Indonesian BMKG Twitter posted that they were shocked having its organization, BMKG, to show in Twitter's trending topic. The administrator of the site admitted that he thought there was an earthquake. 

It turned out the misunderstanding was lifted through the same theme that the series brought with BMKG. The series plotted its story in the area of the Korean BMKG office. For that reason, Indonesian BMKG was also dragged to the new Korean fever. 

Meanwhile, if you're intrigued, Forecasting Love and Weather shows every Saturday and Sunday and is available on Netflix.

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