Collaborating on Advanced Industries and Sustainable Resources for a Greener Future


In a significant move to bolster their economic partnership, Korea and Indonesia have agreed to reinforce cooperation in the fields of electric vehicles (EVs), batteries, and the supply chains of vital industry minerals. The decision was made during a bilateral economic cooperation committee meeting held in Seoul, led by Deputy Trade Minister Jeong Dae-jin and Indonesia's deputy economic minister, Edi Prio Pambudi, as reported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy.

The latest consensus follows a series of recent summit talks between Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and Indonesian President Joko Widodo. During these discussions, both leaders expressed their commitment to enhancing collaboration in high-tech industries, infrastructure, defense, and various other sectors.

In their most recent meeting, the two nations laid out plans to expand investments in EV and battery production, aiming to collectively penetrate the Southeast Asian and global markets. This strategic partnership is expected to boost the growth of the EV industry and contribute to the development of sustainable transportation solutions.

Another area of focus is the supply chains of key minerals, with a special emphasis on nickel, a mineral abundant in Indonesia. By working more closely in this domain, both countries seek to secure vital resources for their industrial needs and foster a mutually beneficial trade relationship.

Moreover, in line with global efforts to combat climate change, Korea and Indonesia have pledged to pursue joint projects aimed at reducing emissions. Additionally, they have committed to establishing facilities for green hydrogen and solar power production, further advancing their contributions to a sustainable future. Furthermore, the two nations plan to strengthen collaboration in the field of small modular reactors, a promising avenue for clean energy solutions.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy expressed its enthusiasm for this enhanced partnership, stating, "As key economic partners, Korea and Indonesia have maintained a solid economic relationship for the past 50 years. Now is time to further the ties by enhancing cooperation on broader issues, such as climate change and supply chains."

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Seoul and Jakarta. Over the years, bilateral trade has flourished, reaching an all-time high of $24.5 billion last year, up from $18.4 billion the previous year, as per data from Korea's government.

The strengthened economic ties between Korea and Indonesia are expected to pave the way for transformative advancements in advanced industries, sustainable technologies, and natural resource management, benefiting both nations and contributing to regional and global economic growth.

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