A recent Lazada study reveals how Indonesia's public and private sectors can help boost the digital economy in the country.


On March 2, Lazada Indonesia released the findings of a study conducted for the digital economy in Indonesia, where the company noted that to create more jobs and grow the digital economy, the government and private sectors need to collaborate and create a conducive growth environment.

The study revealed that Indonesia's total productive age will reach 64 percent in 2030. This age group is expected to be the primary support for the country's digital economy as it expands.

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The study identified three main skill categories that digital natives in Indonesia must master to succeed in the industry.

  1. Social skills will be crucial for adapting to how society progresses. Moreover, it enables individuals to develop critical and analytical thinking.
  2. Complex digital skills will continue to be required by the industry to accelerate efficiency as data-driven decision-making becomes ever more relevant. 
  3. Business enabler skills will become a fundamental part of every individual's life as the business world evolves.

The talent development of Indonesians is a key component of Lazada's continuous commitment to the country's digital ecosystem. 

"Talent empowerment in Indonesia's digital ecosystem is a form of Lazada's ongoing commitment," Lazada Indonesia Executive Director Ferry Kusnowo said. 

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"The Lazada 2021 study is a reminder and encouragement for all stakeholders, both the public and private sectors, to collaborate and move together for the development of the digital economy in Indonesia." 

The study's findings have been forwarded to the G20 Indonesia Summit, which is focused on digital-based transformation. Furthermore, with the support of the private sector, the study's recommendations have been forwarded to the government.

Importance of continuous collaboration between public and private sectors

During a panel discussion, representatives from various government agencies and organizations discussed how they could support and strengthen the country's infrastructure.

  1. The public and private sectors need to collaborate on establishing a curriculum aligned with the industry's needs.
  2. Practical and experiential training helps digital talent develop their skills, such as communication and collaboration.
  3. A comprehensive talent development program should be implemented to prepare the country's workforce for digital economy transformation. This program should include programs for both startups and established businesses.
  4. Through collaborations with local government, various organizations will be able to create inclusive training programs designed to meet today's industry's needs.

Throughout its history, Lazada has been supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs by creating an environment that encourages them to enter the digital industry. In addition, the company has also launched various internal initiatives designed to help the younger generation, such as the Lazada Forward Youth program and the Lazada Forward Scholarship.

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