Jennifer Heryanto made it to the Forbes Magazines' Under 30 list with jewelry business while still embracing her motherhood.


Here is another young Kartini who has made Indonesia proud by being named to Forbes Magazines' Under 30 list — Jennifer Heryanto.

With the help of PT Central Mega Kencana (CMK), she founded PT Sentral Kreasi Kencana (SKK Jewels), which manufactures Hala Gold, Sandra Dewi Gold, and ILY Gold jewelry.

It is not simple to have a successful career at such a young age. Jennifer was an intellectual child when she was a child. Accordingly, she received accelerated schooling, which means she received education at a younger age than children her age.

She decided not to continue her accelerated program beyond junior high because she wanted to gain organizational and committee experience at school, as soft skills are fundamental to her.

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Jennifer holds a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from the University of Indonesia. Her career truly began when she attempted to compete in a business competition at P&G, the world's largest consumer products corporation.

Jennifer obtained an offer as an account manager at the company after participating in the competition and was promptly stationed in Riau. She was only 19 years old and had to manage three provinces simultaneously.

So young, yet so much responsibility

She resigned from P&G after a five-year career and co-founded The Wisemen & Company with her spouse. The company specializes in business consultancy for consumer goods and cosmetics companies.

Of course, the first company she founded was not initially as successful or as prominent as it is now. The Wisemen did not attain success overnight, its path difficult and full of challenges.

Jennifer is not only the CEO of The Wisemen & Company, but she is also the CEO of SKK Jewels. She started this company with a client from The Wisemen, CMK Group, Indonesia's largest jewelry manufacturer.

Jennifer was later offered a partnership in the business by CMK Group. SKK Jewels eventually stood on its own after operating under the aegis of CMK Group.

Inquisitive and hardworking

Jennifer said she sought DIKTI scholarships to fund her higher education. In order to supplement her pocket money, she participated in academic projects and did part-time work such as writing short tales.

Currently, she is mainly focused on the jewelry company SKK Jewels, which includes a full range of operations, including product creation, manufacture, distribution, and brand building. SKK Jewels, as a manufacturer of original Indonesian products, contributes to the country's overall industrial competitiveness and brand development. Meanwhile, The Wisemen & Company has its own certified professional team to handle operational tasks.

Jennifer said the most challenging task she faces now is balancing her time as a professional, a wife, and a mother of one child.





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