Lionsgate's Acquisition Paves the Way for the Long-Awaited 'Monopoly' Movie Adaptation.


In a year filled with successful adaptations of popular IPs, from video games to toys, the big screen has seen blockbuster hits like Barbie and Super Mario Bros. It's become evident that when executed skillfully, IP-based material can captivate both nostalgic fans and contemporary audiences.

As the trend continues, enthusiasts can brace themselves for more features inspired by beloved toys and games, poised to bring a healthy dose of nostalgia combined with modern entertainment.

Now, a recent report in Variety reveals that Lionsgate has sealed the deal with Entertainment One (eOne) to acquire their TV and film operations from Hasbro for approximately $500 million. Expected to be finalized by the year-end, this acquisition includes the highly-anticipated Monopoly movie.

The sale package encompasses a vast content library of around 6500 titles, as well as active productions for non-Hasbro-owned franchises such as The Rookie, Yellowjackets, and Naked and Afraid, in addition to the eOne unscripted business. Chris Cocks, the CEO of Hasbro, stated that the acquisition aligns perfectly with their strategic vision, and reassured that the company's dedication to the entertainment industry remains unwavering. Cocks emphasized that Hasbro will continue to develop and produce entertainment lines based on their iconic brands, while actively nurturing new original ideas that align with Hasbro's creative blueprint.

The journey to bring Monopoly to the silver screen has been long and challenging. Over the years, Kevin Hart, Tim Story, and Ridley Scott have been linked to the project at different stages, but no version has yet materialized. However, with the resounding success of Barbie and the evident potential in toy-based movies, the studio world is set to witness a surge in similar adaptations. The creative decisions behind these projects will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping audience responses. As of now, no director or actor has been officially attached to the Monopoly movie, leaving fans curious about the project's development.

Hasbro's CEO, Chris Cocks, expressed confidence in Lionsgate's expertise and experience in the entertainment industry, citing them as a perfect fit for their eOne film & TV business. Cocks further affirmed that the companies are eager to collaborate, particularly on the highly-anticipated movie adaptation of Monopoly.

As of now, no release window has been announced for the Monopoly movie, leaving fans eagerly awaiting updates on this long-anticipated cinematic adventure. With the backing of Lionsgate and the creative potential of the Monopoly brand, audiences can anticipate a journey through the familiar and iconic world of the classic board game on the silver screen in the not-too-distant future.

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