MB&F M.A.D.Gallery and Voltige Design & Architecture work to redefine its architectural and interior design identity.


The MB&F M.A.D.Gallery first opened in Geneva in 2011. It has since expanded to other cities worldwide, including Dubai, Taipei, and Hong Kong. In collaboration with award-winning architect and designer Voltige Design & Architecture, the brand has redefined the architectural and interior design identity for its M.A.D. Galleries. The new identity is also applied to the many shops the brand has in various cities across the globe.

Maximilian Büsser, the gallery's founder, says that it started with a simple concept: "Wouldn't it be cool if". The idea eventually grew organically, and he wanted to elevate the gallery to a level of art.

The gallery concept was inspired by the idea of a central element that would turn a space upside down.

"We came up with the idea of a central element, a sort of giant lens that would turn the world upside down with its reflections that move as you walk past," explained Voltige founder Tyl Vergriete. "It stands alone, but does not steal the attention from the other creations in the space."

Making the lens was incredibly challenging, as it was made by a French ceramics company. Working with artisans was also crucial to the project as the brand wanted to have this element of craftsmanship present throughout the gallery.

The other challenging part of the project was the creation of the glass domes for the various showcases. They needed to be made with the highest possible optical quality and have good security. To avoid visual disturbance, the designers had to find a way to make two separate pieces of glass that would serve as a door and a mirror.

The domes are made from cast aluminum and a blue ceramic disc, and they were finished with a tripod-like stand. These components were also matched with the giant lens.

The third key component of the new design is the collection's furniture, which Büsser describes as something he would like to have in his own home. The main piece of furniture is a large table with a built-in watch display, which can be mounted in recessed showcases on the wooden surface. Other mid-century chairs and a couple of sofa sets also convey a sense of quality and comfort.

More features
The new M.A.D.Gallery by Voltige and MB&F has a discovery path through the gallery, starting with the most impressive works. There are also separate areas for each domain.

One of the most important elements of a gallery is the lighting. Voltige has installed an exhibition track lighting system for the new venue that combines wall washers and recessed ceiling lights to provide the ideal light for each piece.

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Additionally, a portrait screen has also been installed to show images from the various elements of the MB&F world. Vincent Groetzinger, the co-founder of Voltige, said that it was satisfying to see how close the finished product was to their 3D models.

Furthermore, the company has also planned a new hybrid retail concept called the MB&F Labs, which will combine various machines with limited space to host limited-scale art pieces.

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