Showcasing Diversity and Elegance: A Glimpse into Modinity's Stunning Raya Collections


Modinity, a leading fashion group that oversees several modest fashion brands including Buttonscarves, Benang Jarum, Benang Jarum Couture, Buttonscarves Beauty, Nada Puspita, Zyta Delia, and the Malaysian label Mira Filzah, recently held its inaugural Modinity Fashion Parade (MFP) 2024.

With a commitment to celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of the local fashion industry alongside fashion enthusiasts, Modinity showcased its first-ever Modinity Fashion Parade with the theme "Alluring The Infinity," presenting a diverse collection for the Raya 2024 season that captivates with its charm and depicts endless diversity.

"This event is not only a platform to showcase creativity but also an opportunity to bring new innovations into the realm of fashion," stated Linda Anggrea, CEO of Modinity Group.

The Modinity Fashion Parade 2024 featured a myriad of Raya collections, each with its own distinctive charm. Let's take a closer look at some of the highlights:

Buttonscarves "Kaloprosopia"

This collection features Buttonscarves' signature monogram motif paired with elegant plaid patterns, radiating timeless grace and eternity.

Benang Jarum "La Luce"

Inspired by the light and warmth of the Raya season, this collection showcases decorative floral motifs creating graceful details. With embroidery, lace, and pleats, the collection harmonizes classic elegance with captivating modern touches.

Benang Jarum x Dian Pelangi "Benang Pelangi"

Drawing inspiration from Palembang's woven fabrics, this collection embodies the unique aspects of Palembang's cultural heritage, the hometown of Dian Pelangi.

Benang Jarum x Mothercare "The Little Rays of Raya"

Inspired by the joyous spirit of Ramadan, this collaboration promises a stylish yet comfortable and functional wardrobe for children. The collection offers a variety of tops, dresses, and pants suitable for children aged 18-24 months to 7-8 years.

Benang Jarum Couture "Aetherial Serenade"

A symphony of elegance featuring shimmering fabrics, graceful styles, and flowing silhouettes. This collection reflects the significance of special moments during Raya when surrounded by loved ones.

Nada Puspita "Celebration"

Inspired by mosaic motifs, this collection reflects the intricate art found in architectural marvels like the Hagia Sophia in Turkey. The color palette reflects the joy of the festive season, from white and azure blue reminiscent of the Blue Mosque to soft pink and beige evoking the beauty of sunrise on Raya morning, and darker hues symbolizing the beauty of festive evenings during Eid.

Zyta Delia "Enamor"

Exclusively combining a range of products from printed scarves to bags and shoes with an all-white theme that exudes a hypnotic charm, capturing the hearts of every beholder. It also offers an unforgettable touch of elegance.

The Modinity Fashion Parade 2024 not only showcased the creativity and diversity of the fashion industry but also set the stage for innovative trends that will shape the future of fashion.

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