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Who doesn't know the Gossip Girl series? The series that brought Blake Lively international fame was aired for several seasons from its inception in September 2007 to December 2012.

In 2021, the new Gossip Girl has arrived. But it features a different cast and storyline. It has a more diverse story. So here are some points that feature the new Gossip Girl. 


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The first Gossip Lady mentioned many main problems, like consent and cyberbullying. however, most of its leads were white and nearly nobody was queer (Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass admittance that he’s kissed guys aside). Connor Paolo as Eric van der Woodsen—the younger brother of poet Lively’s Serena—comes bent on Chuck before his family as a result he is aware that Chuck won’t choose him (their mother, Kelly Rutherford as Lily van der Woodsen, did have a tough time with the news).

Lead by Jordan Alexander as Julien Calloway, they embrace Emily Alyn Lind’s icy bookworm Audrey Hope; Eli Brown’s white, liberal, and guilted Otto “Obie” Bergmann IV; Thomas Doherty’s Max Wolfe; Evan Mock’s pretty however generally slow-on-the-uptake Akeno “Aki” Menzies; Zión Moreno’s Luna La; and Savannah Smith’s Monet de Haan. Within the story’s main season one plot purpose, Whitney Peak’s new lady, Zoya Lott, can infiltrate this cluster.

Many, like soap and painter, area unit overtly queer. Max conjointly has overtly queer folks, contend by John Benjamin Hickey and Todd Almond—as hostile Leighton Meester’s Anthony Charles Lynton Blair Waldorf, whose pappa Harold (John Shea) was closeted till he left his married woman for one more man.

“Any show that you simply work on is its probability to indicate however you, yourself, have become adult and adjusted and learned,” Joshua Safran, the creator of the new Gossip Girl. 

Safran, the new Gossip Girl is overtly gay, utilized many queer writers and there have been several talks concerning physiological property— ach their experiences with it and the way it’s seen these days.


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There was much parental pearl-clutching once the primary Gossip Lady premiered and secure sex and additional on primetime TV. The good promoting minds at The CW and studio Warner Bros turned these into campaigns with lines like “OMFG” or (to meet Federal Communications Commission and broadcast standards) merely “OMG.”

Now airing on a paid streaming service and free from these constraints, the new Gossip lady celebrates with verbalizing, nudity, and sex acts that aren’t PG (and aren’t acceptable for the youngest of the information Z demographic). A plotline guaranteed to place the fogeys' tv Council on alert involves cruising during a bathhouse.

Safran noted that the show did have an associate degree intimacy organizer on set which “we never wished a sex scene to be gratuitous; it continually was character-based.”  Safran mentioned this is often a “story purpose. It’s really sexual intercourse to indicate sexual intercourse.”  Max is open concerning his narcotic use (he takes alprazolam at college, for example). However, Safran mentioned that the character conjointly “talks terribly clearly concerning however he’s terribly robust in his boundaries. He solely does it; one drink; one pill.”

This is the antithesis of Westwick’s Chuck, Safran aforementioned as a result of that character “will go as arduous and much on something, Max really is aware of his boundaries and sticks within them” until an incident within the third episode takes him to a dark place.

In a motivating twist, the new episodes of Gossip lady can air on The CW once they 1st air on HBO Max. It'll be fascinating to examine what reasonable piece of writing happens.


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The first Gossip Lady dragged out the reveal that the Gossip Girl was behind the mysterious posts until the ultimate episode once it had been disclosed that it had been Dan Humphrey. In Safran’s version, the reveal is kind of obvious ahead of time and it’s not a usual suspect.

“The 1st time around, the audience didn’t get to partake in watching Dan be the Gossip lady and do all the items that he was doing,” Safran said. “If you went back and re-edited the show to examine him posting everything, you’d see the style of this rather more virtuously complicated, dark protagonist.”

So what are you waiting for? Watch this series, and you will see clearly all the differences between the old version and the new Gossip Girl.

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