Sony Electronics introduces Premium Mobile ES Subwoofers, Speakers, and Amplifiers that promise high-quality sound and seamless usability.


Your ride needs better entertainment? Sony Electronics Inc. recently announced the newest additions to its premium Mobile ES1 car subwoofer, speaker, and amplifier lineup, including XS-W122ES, XS-W124ES, XS-163ES, XS-692ES, XM-5ES, XM-4ES, and XM-1ES. With high-quality sound and seamless usability, Sony's latest car audio offerings deliver a superior entertainment experience.

"We are thrilled to add new and powerful options to our celebrated Mobile ES lineup," said Tyler Ishida, President of the Consumer Business Group, Sony Electronics Inc. "With unrivaled acoustics, higher power output, and astonishing clarity, these new products deliver an elevated standard for in-car audio."

New key features

Mobile ES XS-W122ES (2-ohm) & XS-W124ES (4-ohm) Subwoofers' champions several key features. One of them is Separated Notch Edge Surround. The woofer surround features a proprietary Sony technology with distinctive curved notches, improving the vertical amplitude symmetry for dramatically reduced distortion and enhanced clarity. It also introduces Five-beam Frame Structure and Dynamic Air Diffuser. The five-beam frame design disperses resonance while the integrated Dynamic Air Diffuser ensures efficient air circulation for smooth cone travel and voice coil cooling.

Meanwhile, Progressive Height Rate Spider is an acoustically optimized spider that allows for higher power handling and airflow, with a profile designed for more rapid and precise cushioning of the speaker cone.

Mobile ES XS-163ES & XS-692ES Speakers' Key Features also comes with Separated Notch Edge Surround, Five-beam Frame Structure, Progressive Height Rate Spider, and Dynamic Air Diffuser, plus Soft Dome Tweeter. The tweeter is compatible with High-Resolution Audio, a soft dome tweeter diaphragm is directly attached to the voice coil, designed to cover the music's ultra-high ends, with a frequency range extending up to 40kHz.

It also comes with a Phase Plug. The resonance damping phase plug on the XS-163ES and the XS-692ES' woofers, as well as the XS-163ES' midrange driver, help realize ideal frequency response, right up to the crossover points. A rigid aluminum bobbin, which is available on XS-163ES only, and Dynamic Air Diffuser further support the speaker's wide frequency response, for controlled and dynamic bass/midrange delivery.

Meanwhile, The audiophile-grade crossover Bi-amp Terminals and Gain Selector in Crossover Networks features optimized, low-resistance film capacitors for clear high-frequency reproduction. Plus, inductive winding and air-core coils deliver crisp mid and powerful sound on demand. It features a bi-amp capable design to mitigate current distortion to the tweeter when running the woofer with high input levels. A dedicated gain selector balances the woofer and tweeter signal levels and enables tweeter level adjustment even when driving the components from a single amplifier.

Mobile ES XM-5ES, XM-4ES & XM-1ES Power Amplifiers, on the other hand, champions High-resolution Audio Compatible that enables users to hear the subtle nuances of studio-quality sound in higher than CD quality, authentically delivering the artists' true intent and High Power Output that boosts in-car music with a highly efficient Class-D amplifier that provides a variety of speaker configurations.

Sony's many years of digital amplifier engineering expertise made it possible to create a compact and powerful amplifier with uncompromising sound quality. A DC converter with a toroidal core transformer is chosen for less electromagnetic interference. The upgraded inductors with OFC wires are selected for lower internal resistance and improved sound character, while the high-capacity electrolytic capacitors contribute to precise and responsive bass.

In addition, the speaker terminal features Hex-key screws, providing a durable method of tightening the wire connections while accepting bare wire or wire ferrules (up to AWG #8) for superior electrical performance, high-quality sound, and safe connection. Its sturdy aluminum frame and solid (1.2mm) bottom plate reduce vibration and wick away heat, resulting in low resonance and a tightly controlled musical performance.

in this release, controls are logically configured and easy to understand and use. Updated grouping allows for intuitive operation, while common connections are placed together for installation simplicity. The new signal summing feature combines pre-filtered audio signals from modern factory car audio systems to accurately amplify the full stereo frequency range available and allow for flexible installation in various types of vehicles and audio system setups.

The consolidated line-level signal can be sent to other mono or stereo amps in the chain for seamless installation. Passing through and combining channels in either stereo or mono modes allows for the addition of other amplifiers.

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