The Songwriter Assistance program provides counseling services and resources for songwriters and composers dealing with mental health issues and more.


Music can be depressing and happy, melancholic and satisfying, confusing and clear. These emotions came all simultaneously, out of the blue and depending on one's mood at a particular time. 

From Japanese artists and their often joyful upbeat music with sad lyrics to any music that hits deep could make one cry like rain, or when Sufjan Stevens made an album titled "Carrie & Lowell" dedicated to his mother's death (seriously give this album a try) and many more. 

As Austrian composer Franz Schubert once said, "There is no such thing as happy music." While it is cliche, sadness and depression inspire artists more with their craft. 

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What is the Songwriter Assistance program?

Sony Music Publishing (SMP) endeavored to address this issue by reaffirming its commitment to provide help for songwriters and composers with mental health-related matters through the newly-launched Songwriter Assistance program on January 31, 2022.

The Songwriter Assistance program is Sony's global initiative emphasizing mental health issues. It has been running since February 1 to help songwriters and composers via 24/7 global hotlines, support, and free access to confidential counseling services as well as wellness materials.

The program's counseling services provide users dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, family and relationship challenges. Its resources and materials will allow users to access customized resources to help them from daily responsibilities to look at more ways for childcare and eldercare, going through life transitions, co-parenting, budgeting in life for major events and many more.

SMP Chairman and CEO Jon Platt said that the program is Sony's gesture of love, care and commitment in "providing services that matter."

"We are committed to providing you with services that matter. The importance of wellness cannot be overstated, and with Songwriter Assistance, we look forward to offering a whole new level of care and support," Platt said in a letter written to songwriters and composers announcing the launch of the program.

SMP senior vice president of publishing administration Amy Cranford said that Sony provides "the best level of support" and is very passionate about taking care of its songwriters and composers. 

"We are passionate about taking care of Sony Music Publishing's songwriters and composers and providing them with the best level of support. As we continue to expand our services with Songwriters Forward, we are proud to implement SMP's Songwriter Assistance initiative," Cranford added.

The Songwriter Assistance program is an extension of another program launched last year called the "Legacy Unrecouped Balance Program", which aims to increase earning opportunities for legacy songwriters and, later on, artists. 

Last year, the company had also launched "Soundtrack of Mental Health" alongside "Silence the Shame" in their efforts to break the stigma of mental health and wellness issues.

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