A futuristic capital city is planned to be developed on the island of Borneo


Jakarta now carries heavy loads on its shoulders. Not only as a capital city, but Jakarta is also the center of the national economy, trade, entertainment, and whatever you name it. The role of Batavia is too much to make this megalopolis city sink slowly. 

Moving the capital city out from Jakarta has been proposed by former Indonesian presidents over decades, but it finally happens. As we know, the candidate has been decided. Borneo becomes the next place for our new capital city. Located in Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan, the showy of the new city called Nagara Rimba Nusa, means forest and island hilltop.

Surrounded by the most technologically public vehicles

Courtesy photo of drone taxies

A number of stunning urban architecture designers had collaborated to create our new capital city to be the futuristic capital city that the world will ever witness. A variety of hi-tech transportations will color our Nagara Rimba Nusa, like electric vehicles, modern monorails, and drone taxis.

President Joko Widodo says that the new city will have world-class universities and hospitals and a green transportation system with only electric vehicles.

Australia potentials to catch opportunity at cybersecurity

Photo courtesy of Amy Hirschi

President of the Australia Indonesia Business Council, Phil Turtle said that massive investment in the new capital should provide many opportunities for Australian companies. Everyone globally wants a piece of such an exciting and large-scale development, and Australia has a massive opportunity to get involved in technological cooperation, mainly in cybersecurity. 

It could be the next of Silicon Valley

Photo courtesy of Rival Sitorus

Minister of Communications and IT, Rudiantara, revealed in 2015 that an investment of US$1 billion in Indonesian startups, and in 2016 when Jokowi himself launched an enterprise called the ‘Thousand Startups Movement’ reckoned to launch that many new tech businesses by 2020.

Although only 500 startups have been counted to date, the program has now been expanded geographically and rebranded as ‘1001 Startups’.

There are many challenges rising in the way of Indonesia’s plans to be a Southeast Asian technology hub. Constraints on foreign investment, skills shortages, and the financial system are still relatively immature.

However, Indonesia’s numbers are impressive and it is one of the world’s biggest users of mobile technology. Things are moving rapidly and it's a massive investment that it will be making its new capital city can only improve things. 

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