Tommy Hilfiger recently announced their first step in entering the gaming world by launching Team Tommy, a community-led gaming project.


On March 3, 2022, Tommy Hilfiger announced a new community-led project in the gaming industry, namely Team Tommy.

The launching of Team Tommy aims to empower a new generation of future-makers and encourage creatives in the gaming field for their unique talents. 

Team Tommy inspires gamers to develop and produce new content, drawing on the brand's heritage of nurturing new and growing talents. In addition, the community-led project is also Tommy's first expansion in the gaming area.

"Not only is this an exciting step for us as we enter the metaverse, but we're connecting with and building relationships with a whole new group of fans and consumers. I'm excited to learn from these creative individuals and explore more of their intricate gaming world," said Tommy Hilfiger.

Photo by Branden Skeli on Unsplash

Members of the team

Eight gamers were chosen to make up the team representing the broad gaming community coming from the United States, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The squad has 5.26 million global fans and 1.25 million users on Twitch, an interactive live-streaming gaming and entertainment platform.

The eight members are:

Dom2K is the Southeast Asia representation of Team Tommy. He makes various basketball-related content and develops VOD and podcast content about the NBA.

The Australian Youtuber is a League of Legends Grandmaster who mainly streams LoL on Twitch and Youtube. In addition to gaming, she's also a beauty enthusiast and often shares her interest in the makeup and fashion world through her Instagram account @luminumn.

Beginning her career on TikTok, dish is an American gaming enthusiast who has moved to Twitch for Animal Crossing streaming content.

HoneyPuu is a German Twitch streamer most known for her League of Legends gaming. She has grown up to 100 thousand subscribers on her Youtube for her interactive content.

Nana is a Korean Youtuber that often streams League of Legends content on her Twitch.

With a growing 388 thousand subscribers on Youtube, Sunsup is a Twitch streamer who primarily streams Animal Crossing content. Besides her gaming content, as seen in her Instagram account @sunsupista, the French-based gamer is a fashion enthusiast with posts related to fashion styles, outfits of the day, and cosplays.

As a former American game developer, Blaus chose to be a game streamer who primarily streams Grand Theft Auto.

OwengeJuiceTV is a Minecraft streamer and content developer, creatively focusing his channel on merging pre-recorded cinematics with live role-playing in a Minecraft scenario. Before developing his content-creating career on Youtube and Twitch, the English gamer began as a storyteller in TikTok.

The following gamers will stream on Twitch, Youtube, and several other social platforms weekly. They'll also be a part of the "Get-togethers" monthly regionally streaming program. In addition, throughout 2022, they'll make in-person appearances and in-store activations in their respective areas.

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