Legendary SUV comes with new technology and design.


Land Cruiser has long been a synonymous model with the comfort of adventuring on various road terrain. Now Toyota has presented the latest generation of Land Cruiser with the code LC300.

The Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), which has sold more than 10.4 million units worldwide since 1951, emphasizes technology, reliability, and durability in the latest models. The LC300 is projected to be the first choice of off-road fans in all fields.

The latest LC300 already uses the GA-F chassis developed from the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA). This frame makes the vehicle much lighter, up to 200 kilograms.


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Changes in the design of the LC300 are also carried out in the center of gravity, load distribution, and development of the suspension structure. Advanced features are also embedded, such as tire articulation, adopting the world's first E-KDSS (Electronic Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System) technology, the use of a Multi-Terrain Monitor to assist the driver's vision from various sides, and the presence of the Multi-Terrain Select feature which automatically adjusts to the type of road surface.

The choice of the engine has now changed to a V6 from the previous V8 engine, which was wasteful of fuel. This latest V6 engine also has a choice of 3.5-liter gasoline and 3.3-liter diesel. This engine is fitted with the newly developed Direct Shift-10AT (10-speed) transmission.

The paper shows that the 3.5-liter gasoline engine will produce power up to 409 HP with 650 Nm of torque. The diesel engine has a larger torque of 700 Nm with a power of 304 HP.

Although the status of an adventurous car, the comfort side in the cabin is not forgotten in this latest Land Cruiser. The horizontal dashboard layout helps the driver see the vehicle's position even when shaken on the off-road.

Additionally, Toyota pursued operational comfort by positioning switches that can be intuitively operated according to function and using shape and color design that improve operability.


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As for the package, placing priority on off-road performance, the vehicle size including total length, total width,  wheelbase, and the departure and approach angles, have been kept the same as the previous model.

The latest SUV LC300 is also embedded with the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) active safety package to guarantee driving safety. The two added functions are to detect other vehicles coming from the intersection and pedestrians crossing the road when the vehicle is turning. Another feature is an emergency steering and crash avoidance function, which assists with steering and lane-keeping and is triggered when the driver performs a steering maneuver to avoid a collision.

Another feature is the Parking Support Brake to prevent accidents by looking at the conditions in front and behind the vehicle while in the parking lot. In addition, this sensor also works when other vehicles are moving behind the car or pedestrians.

The LC300 will go on sale in the summer of 2021, with their first markets being the Middle East and Japan. For Indonesia, there is no certainty from Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) bringing the latest model LC300. The LC200 model is currently offered for Rp2,219,550,000 with only a diesel engine option.

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