A Symphony of Serenity and Culinary Excellence: Aman's Coastal Retreats Await


As spring ushers in its gentle embrace, Aman's coastal sanctuaries, Amanzoe in Greece and Amanruya in Turkey, have gracefully reopened their doors for the season starting from April 1st, 2024. Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, these havens of tranquility promise an array of new experiences for the discerning traveler seeking rejuvenation and cultural immersion.

Amanzoe, Greece: A Symphony of Gastronomy and Wellness

Perched like a modern-day Acropolis on the Peloponnesian coast, Amanzoe greets its guests with a host of new offerings, including the unveiling of Aman’s newest beach club restaurant, Nura. Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean ethos, Nura promises an exquisite culinary journey featuring seafood delicacies and freshly grilled dishes set against a backdrop of soulful beats, capturing the essence of laid-back coastal living.

Under the culinary stewardship of the new executive chef, Konstantinos Mouzis, guests can indulge in traditional Greek flavors infused with a contemporary twist, echoing the culinary legacy passed down through generations. Moreover, the ever-popular OPA BBQ promises to enliven Tuesday nights with its Greek-inspired cuisines and vibrant entertainment as the sun dips below the horizon.

Beyond the culinary delights, Amanzoe beckons wellness enthusiasts with its expansive 2,788 square-meter Aman Spa. Introducing the one-day Fitness & Recovery Optimisation Retreat, guests can embark on a personalized wellness journey curated to enhance both physical vitality and mental well-being. With Visiting Wellness Practitioners offering a spectrum of holistic treatments, from traditional Chinese medicine to integrative wellness therapies, guests are invited to immerse themselves in a realm of holistic rejuvenation.

Adventure enthusiasts are not left behind, with Amanzoe unveiling an array of outdoor pursuits, including scuba diving trips in Porto Heli’s turquoise waters and horseback escapes amidst fragrant natural surrounds. From traditional Syrtaki dance lessons to private boat excursions, Amanzoe promises a tapestry of experiences that celebrate Greece's rich cultural heritage and scenic wonders.

Amanruya, Turkey: A Haven of Culinary Delights and Holistic Wellness

Nestled along the Aegean shores, Amanruya offers an elegant retreat where guests can unwind amidst verdant gardens and azure waters. Embarking on a culinary odyssey, guests can partake in a Traditional Turkish Cooking Class, immersing themselves in the region’s rich gastronomic heritage while crafting delectable mezes and succulent specialties under the guidance of skilled chefs.

For oenophiles and epicurean adventurers, the Turkish Wine Pairing Dinner Series presents an intimate dining experience against the backdrop of a private Aegean Bay, where the flavors of regional wines are artfully paired with gourmet creations, promising an unforgettable sensory journey.

Embracing holistic wellness, Amanruya invites guests to embark on a guided nature walk through lush forests, providing an idyllic sanctuary for grounding and rejuvenation amidst the embrace of nature's tranquility.

As these coastal sanctuaries open their doors to welcome travelers seeking respite and renewal, Aman continues to epitomize the art of mindful luxury, inviting guests to embark on journeys of discovery, wellness, and cultural immersion against the backdrop of some of the world's most captivating landscapes.

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