Exclusively available online and at UNIQLO Pondok Indah Mall 3 for the Indonesian region.


UNIQLO's UNIQLO U, a branch line led by Christophe Lemaire celebrated throughout the years for offering quality basics, is returning for the Spring/Summer 2022 season.

This year's collection, titled "The Rhythm of Spring", is packed with minimalist staples for your everyday wardrobe, just like its other previous releases.

The range features loose-fitting daily wear — from outerwear and cardigans to jeans and accessories — in soft natural tones of sage green, sand, light navy with bright oranges and vermilions as accents. Coats arrive in three different styles, including several nylon and hooded versions, in a mix and match-friendly neutral color palette.

Knitwear pieces such as pullover sweaters, cardigans and vests come in warm ivory hues, while subtle pops of yellow and khaki are splashed moderately on shirts and blouses, as well as short-sleeved tees and tank tops, continuing the minimalist theme for the longstanding series.

All-time favorites silhouettes such as AIRism cotton tees, linen shirts, and selvedge jeans make a return, while fresh shapes such as drawstring shoulder bags, French rib cardigans, hooded blousons, baker pants, and knit slip-on sneakers are added into the eclectic mix.

A tailored jacket, hooded blouson and shirt jacket are also added to the lineup in shades of gray, brown and other earthy tones. The collection is well-prepared to style you up from head to toe with wide-legged jeans, baker pants and a midi-length skirt.

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Uniqlo U principles
Uniqlo U is a collection of "Future LifeWear Essentials." World-class designers and printmakers from the Paris design team design everyday wear with new and innovative materials and contemporary silhouettes for each season, creating a carefully designed, simple, modern style.

The spring-summer collection is intended to remind us that life consists of many seasons, with spring being all about movement and bright moments. We open the windows to let the breeze in. We started walking outside again.

"For Spring/Summer 2022, the UNIQLO U captures the rhythm of spring in a collection that provides lightness and flexibility for everyday moves in outdoor environments," wrote the brand on its website.

"Silhouettes that provide clarity in a complex world. Jersey that brings softness in all its materials. The perfect lightweight jacket to wear. Roomy bag and relaxed pants silhouette that gives freedom in every movement. The color range features soft neutrals, olives, sunset-inspired sands and taro purples — the basic ingredient for every spring rhythm."

"Our goal is to be a functional and universal essential item that does not interfere with movement, can be used for a long time, and brings solutions to everyday life," said lead designer Lemaire. "This time, we pursued comfort and lightness and devised a way to blow in a new breeze."

UNIQLO U's SS22 collection will be launched exclusively on January 28 online and in select stores. For Indonesia, it will only be available on UNIQLO Pondok Indah Mall 3.



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