Claimed to be an Aston Martin Mid-engine supercar with power reaching 940 HP.


The trend of environmentally friendly vehicles occurs in urban cars, luxury vehicle models, and even supercars. Each manufacturer presents concept vehicles that carry environmental themes in their products during production.

One that does this is Aston Martin. The manufacturer from Gaydon, England, recently presented the Valhalla concept model, which is claimed to be the best supercar product in its class, thanks to improvements in performance, driving pleasure, and the experience of transitioning from conventional engine, hybrids to full electric motors.

Aston Martin Executive Chairman Lawrence Stroll said the Valhalla concept car was their first production for a mid-engine supercar. Aston Martin's products in the future will focus on mid-engine products and the driving experience, after more than 60 years of their products being more known with the front engine type.

Aston Martin CEO Tobias Moers revealed that the current challenge is to bring the Valhalla concept into a production model. In addition, it maintains the idea of ​​an aesthetic supercar but still offers emotion for anyone who drives it and an irreplaceable driving sensation.


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This supercar comes with an aerodynamic design that increases the downforce of the vehicle tremendously. This is to anticipate the incredible power of the electric motor combined with the battery and the V8 engine. This hybrid technology car uses the highest technology in motorsport today and marks a new era for Aston Martin products.

Valhalla's design reminds the proportions of several previous Aston Martin models such as the DB11 and DBS. The front grille with firm lines comes with a swooping shape typical of Aston Martin. The revolutionary design comes from the headlights to the sides and rear that use sharp lines with a sturdy silhouette. The back looks wide thanks to a wing and a diffuser below, reminiscent of a Le Mans race car.

Valhalla is claimed to produce power up to 950 hp from a combination of conventional engines and electric motor batteries. This power is combined with the lightweight of the vehicle thanks to using a carbon fiber structure that was first present on the Valkyrie model. Aston Martin hopes that this new concept car will satisfy the supercar fans through fun, design, and technology.

This Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) car uses three motors with a combined 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine mounted at the rear. This latest generation V8 engine is the most sophisticated, responsive, and offers high performance, generating 740 HP of power sent to the rear wheels. The exhaust system uses lightweight materials with active flaps technology for a distinctive Aston Martin sound setting when driving on top rev.


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The electric motor has a power of 150kW/400V installed in the electric motor system in the front and rear garden, which contributes to an additional power of about 200 HP. When the car uses pure electric vehicle mode, power will be channeled only to the front axle. Other driving modes will create separate electric motors for the front and rear whose proportions can be adjusted according to the driver's wishes. Different driving modes can make battery power channeled 100 percent to the rear wheels, an additional supplement to the V8 engine power for maximum performance.

Valhalla is also equipped with electric power-assist steering and Carbon Ceramic Matrix braking features that work with specially developed tires from Michelin. This is a guarantee of safety and maximum driving ability if Valhalla is at high speed.

Aston Martin targets the Valhalla to reach a maximum speed of up to 350 km per hour with the ability from 0 to 100 km per hour in just 2.5 seconds. This target is easy because the weight of this car is only about 1,500 kg which makes it go very fast. 

Valhalla is also targeted to record a time of 6 minutes 30 seconds on the legendary Nurburgring circuit because currently, the fastest production car is at 6 minutes 43.3 seconds. We are waiting for the proof when this car is presented in 2023.


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