These Indonesian fashion designers brought Indonesia's name to the global industry with their achievements.


We know that Indonesia is very rich in natural and cultural diversity. However, Indonesia is also resonating internationally with its fashion trends. The masterpiece of Indonesian fashion designers has proven to the world and compete in creating the best quality of its couture. 

These Indonesian fashion designers brought Indonesia's name to the global industry with their achievements.

Anne Avantie

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Anne Avantie is an Indonesian fashion designer and contemporary kebaya pioneer. Her kebaya has been known globally. Indonesian models and celebrities often wear it, so did several beauty pageant winners who have come to Indonesia.

Since childhood, Avantie has shown an interest in the world of fashion. In 1989, Anne started her career as a fashion designer from a rented house with 2 sewing machines. The first place of business was named Griya Busana Permatasari. Until 2010, Anne had two boutiques at Mall Kelapa Gading and Roémah Pengantén in Grand Indonesia. In addition, Anne also has a store called Pendopo, which sells domestic art products made by small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Didit Hediprasetyo

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Didit Hediprasetyo or Didit Prabowo, is an Indonesian fashion designer. He is the only child of Indonesian politicians Prabowo Subianto and a daughter of former Indonesian President, Titiek Soeharto.

He is the second designer after Karl Lagerfeld and the first Asian designer to design the interior and exterior of a special limited run of the BMW Individual Series 7, of which only five were produced.

He rose to prominence after his first design show on Paris Couture Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 and during his father's runs for the Indonesian presidency in 2014 and 2019.

Dian Pelangi

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Dian Pelangi is a notable Muslim blogger and fashion designer famous for her stylish interpretations of the hijab. As the founder of Dian Pelangi Fashion, her collection comprises not only hijabs but also batik, bridal wear, and a kids’ collection.

Dian graduated from ESMOD Jakarta when she was just 18 years old and held her debut show during Jakarta Fashion Week. Dubbed a pioneer among local Muslim fashion designers, Dian has showcased her work in various cities worldwide.

Tex Saverio

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Indonesian-born and based couturier Tex Saverio founded his eponymous luxury couture line after graduating from Bunka and Phalie Studio in Jakarta. His fashion career officially started in 2010 through Tex Saverio Prive, which was oriented toward haute couture designs.

Dramatic, theatrical, spectacular. Those adjectives are often used to describe the aesthetics of Tex Saverio label. This consistent design DNA is sacred for Tex because it defines his label’s image for the public eye.

Tex’s rising popularity is fueled by various international celebrities who have worn his creations: Lady Gaga in a black tulle gown in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, Kim Kardashian in Elle, as well as Jennifer Lawrence, who in her role in the The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, wore a white gown with organza corset and stunning Swarovski crystal embellishments.

After receiving the Inspiring People Award by HP in 2011 and being stated as the most talented young fashion designer by Amica Indonesia Awards, Tex decided to launch his ready-to-wear label with his business partner Faye Liu. Tex’s keen eye in gauging the current marketplace, combined with his innate creative ability, provides the core to the growing success of the brand’s international positioning.

Rinda Salmun

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Rinda Salmun graduated with her bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia, specializing in painting and aesthetic studies. Although fashion has always been one of her greatest interests, she would use some fashion-influenced elements into her paintings.

She then completed her Master's degree in Fashion at Ravensbourne College, London. Rinda's experiences include working in the fashion industry in Indonesia, Singapore, and London, from Giles Deacon, Giorgio Armani, Natascha Stolle for Fashion East.

Her work was selected and was distinguished at several prestigious global fashion events, such as Fashion Mavericks during London Fashion Week 2010 and Ringstassen Gallerien Award in Vienna with, collective shows at Jakarta Fashion Week, Indonesia Fashion Week, Long Angeles Fashion Week, Taipei in Style, Malaysia Fashion Week, and other collaborative cross-industry projects with notable industry-leader brands in Indonesia.

Moreover, Rinda's collections were also featured in several publications, including Alt Cramer's Fashion: 2 books, as designers to watch in the future.



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