You can choose to take the train, boat, or relax in a seaside town.


As the whole world begins to recover due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so does people's desire to travel to various places again. After being confined for a long time in one place, the long-desired willingness to see the world and feel the relaxing time can be realized.

One of the tourist destinations that are the target of foreign tourists is mainland Europe. The Blue Continent offers a beautiful landscape with various means of transportation that can be enjoyed slowly without haste. It's like holding back from a world that's running really fast to reward yourself after getting through a lousy pandemic situation.

Belmond, a pioneer in luxury travel for more than 45 years, offers the beauty of the European continent for travellers who want to experience an unforgettable trip. Belmond provides another alternative for travellers who wish to enjoy the time more slowly while admiring the natural beauty of Europe.


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This experience can be felt through land travel, namely trains, through rivers by boat to places that offer exciting experiences. Some visit curators and art collectors in Italy, tasting ingredients with local flavours, including secret recipes that have become a tradition for years. There's still the experience of tasting a glass of high-quality wine while aboard the legendary train or simply seeking a private experience on a boat trip through France's rivers.

One of the things that Belmond offers is a trip using the legendary Venice Simplon - Orient-Express train. This very famous train route runs through the interior of Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands, with views that convey a nostalgic feeling like in the golden era of train travel. An unforgettable experience to celebrate the return of the period after the pandemic.

During this journey, passengers can upgrade to the Grand Suite for the ultimate private experience. A free flow champagne service and a personal butler are available to cater to every trip detail.

Some of the stops on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express include Rome's "Eternal City", Renaissance city Florence, lakeside Geneva, beautiful Brussels, and Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. This train offers an elegant art-deco design in the 1920s, which of course, has become the hallmark of this train car.

Passengers are also given several travel routes, including staying at Belmond hotels such as the Villa San Michele in Florence or the Castello di Casole in Tuscany while travelling from Florence to Paris.

Belmond also offers travel by British Pullman train in the UK. This train journey provides an elegant, timeless experience through Great Britain with luxury, glamour. It travels through the famously beautiful countryside of England.

The British Pullman carriage has been restored to restore its former glory. Whether you prefer afternoon tea, flowing champagne or both, there is a journey for everyone.

The experience of enjoying gastronomic food is carried out to celebrate a trip to several distinctive destinations. The food menu comes in five-star quality. It is presented by experienced Michelin Star-winning Koko, Ollie Dabbous, Simon Rogan, Michel Roux Jr., and Raymond Blanc.


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For fans of trips on the river, Belmond offers Afloat, which passes through the beautiful canals in France. These waterways pass through shady forests, sunflower fields or green hills, past medieval villages or famous vineyards before returning for a gourmet dinner.

Private charters aboard Afloat in France's luxury barges are the ultimate exclusive affair, with personalized itineraries and cinematic scenes bringing families and friends together.

Another travel experience that Belmond has to offer is the Splendido Mare, a hotel owned by Belmond, located in Portofino, Italy. The hotel reopened on May 1, marking the beginning of a new era in Portofino and its legendary charm.

The hotel offers 14 renovated bedrooms, offering detailed interiors and a breathtaking experience of the tales of the sea world of the port city. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Ligurian Coast and the timeless glamour of La Dolce Vita.

Guests of Splendido Mare can see a wide selection of experiences offered at the hotel. Departing from the harbour, guests can sail on a traditional Ligurian fishing vessel, Gozzo, for a gentle cruise along the coastline of San Fruttuoso Bay.

Guests can also stop along the way to take a dip in the beauty of the sea or dive to find the statue of Christ the Abyss and the crystal clear waters of Punta Chiappa. The day's activities are then closed with a picnic at the hotel restaurant, DaV Mare, or guests can choose seafood with fresh ingredients caught by local fishermen.

For those of you who are ready to experience travelling with a variety of iconic transportation and feel the legendary beauty of mainland Europe, this Belmond package can be enjoyed starting at 2,000 Euros per person. Of course, this price will follow the package and service chosen.


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