A garden flowering in your cup that is not only lovely to look at but also miraculously good for your body.


Floral tea, or blooming tea, is a combination of teas and tisanes. This tea is a tightly woven bundle of green tea leaves or buds that have been expertly hand-woven around dried flowers such as globe amaranth, jasmine, marigold, lily, and osmanthus.

When dipped in hot water in a glass teapot, the green tea leaves flutter and the flower "blooms," producing a beautiful one-of-a-kind appearance while also providing the health benefits of both elements of the bundle.

Flower tea can be an excellent antioxidant tea, with benefits such as increasing metabolism, preserving the skin, reducing stress, potentially enhancing oral and heart health, promoting cognitive function, and reducing inflammation. It may also aid in the treatment of respiratory diseases, the improvement of vision, and the promotion of excellent digestion.

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Jasmine tea will improve one's spirits and produce positive outlooks by dispelling the chilly, damp, lethargic feeling that has gathered in the body throughout the winter or overnight. It also protects the body from the spring winds while promoting upward and outward energy flow.

Jasmine tea can aid with anxiety and despair, as well as when one's spirits are low. Because of its uplifting smell, it helps to enhance good energy and ease the mind.

Rose can help to regulate qi flow and stimulate blood circulation. The flower, according to traditional tea classics, helps women to enrich their blood, ease weariness, and help with discomfort. Many ancient societies have utilized it for ages, and it pairs wonderfully with green tea.

The chrysanthemum flower helps clear upper body heat, particularly from the sinuses, lungs, and eye area. This flower will help with dry, itchy, bloodshot eyes, as well as eye strain from excessive computer usage. The eyes are said to be the liver's window, and the liver benefits from Chrysanthemum's capacity to cool, balance, and eliminate harmful heat.

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Honeysuckle is especially useful for soothing sore throats and alleviating flu and cold symptoms. Honeysuckle, one of the oldest Chinese Flower herbs used in medicine, can also relieve headaches and assist in clearing toxins linked to swellings and abscesses.

This particular tea is formed by brewing the blooming plant Osmanthus fragrans, which is only grown in China and filled with aroma and health benefits. It is made out of either green or black tea and other flowers.

When placed in water, the bulb expands and blossoms like a flower in your tea. It has been used for centuries in tea blends for its distinctive and tropical-like fragrance. It can warm and clear phlegm from the lung and raise spirit due to its pleasing aroma.




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