A breakdown of Billboard's Top 10 Highest Grossing Tours in 2023


In a spectacular showcase of K-pop's global dominance, BLACKPINK has secured the coveted top spot on Billboard Boxscore's list of the Top 10 Highest Grossing K-pop Tours of 2023. The quartet's phenomenal success has propelled them to an impressive No. 10 position on the All-Genre Top 100 chart.

BLACKPINK, comprised of members Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé, kicked off their groundbreaking tour in American arenas, captivating audiences with their electrifying performances. The momentum only grew as they embarked on a whirlwind journey across Europe, Mexico, and Australia, before returning to the United States for stadium dates in New Jersey, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Notably, the group's Asian shows, which surely contributed significantly to their total earnings, were not reported.

The staggering figures tell the tale of BLACKPINK's monumental success. The group grossed a staggering $148.3 million, selling a remarkable 703,000 tickets across 29 shows. This exceptional feat places them at the pinnacle of K-pop acts and solidifies their status as the only Asian-based artist in the All-Genre Top 10.

Following closely behind BLACKPINK is SUGA, who, after making history and setting Boxscore records as a member of BTS, ventured out on a solo arena tour in the U.S. and Asia. SUGA's solo venture raked in an impressive $57.1 million from 26 shows, earning him the No. 2 spot on the K-pop tour rankings and securing the 37th position on the All-Genre Top 100.

TWICE claimed the third spot with a remarkable $54.2 million in earnings from 18 shows across 18 global markets. The group's consistent success was highlighted by never grossing less than $2 million per show. Their expansive tour took them to arenas and stadiums alike, with notable performances in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York.

The rest of the Top 10 includes TOMORROW X TOGETHER, SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN, Stray Kids, ATEEZ, LE SSERAFIM, and NCT DREAM, each contributing to the rise of K-pop's share in the global box office, which has reached an all-time high of 5.1%.

Here's the complete list of Billboard Boxscore's Top 10 Highest Grossing K-pop Tours of 2023:

    Total Earnings: $148.3M
    Tickets Sold: 703K
    Number of Shows: 29
    All-Genre Top 100 Rank: No. 10
    Highlights: Dominated arenas in the U.S., stormed through Europe, Mexico, and Australia, and returned for stadium dates in the U.S.
  2. SUGA
    Total Earnings: $57.1M
    Tickets Sold: 318K
    Number of Shows: 26
    All-Genre Top 100 Rank: No. 37
    Highlights: Solo arena tour in the U.S. and Asia, exceeding $9 million in Los Angeles and the New York area.

  3. TWICE
    Total Earnings: $54.2M
    Tickets Sold: 345K
    Number of Shows: 18
    All-Genre Top 100 Rank: No. 41
    Highlights: Played shows in 18 global markets, never grossing less than $2 million per show, including stadium performances in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York.

    Total Earnings: $46.8M
    Tickets Sold: 379K
    Number of Shows: 27
    All-Genre Top 100 Rank: No. 54
    Highlights: Equally strong performances in Los Angeles and Osaka, embarking on an international tour.

    Total Earnings: $43.3M
    Tickets Sold: 440K
    Number of Shows: 12
    All-Genre Top 100 Rank: No. 58
    Highlights: Played stadiums in Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Seoul, accumulating over $40 million in ticket sales.

    Total Earnings: $33M
    Tickets Sold: 336K
    Number of Shows: 19
    All-Genre Top 100 Rank: No. 81
    Highlights: Bookended the year with shows in Japan, selling over 76,000 tickets at the Tokyo Dome.

  7. Stray Kids
    Total Earnings: $16.1M
    Tickets Sold: 114K
    Number of Shows: 8
    All-Genre Top 100 Rank: N/A
    Highlights: Sold over 100,000 tickets in mid-February to early April across Atlanta, Fort Worth, Los Angeles, and Sydney.

  8. ATEEZ
    Total Earnings: $13.9M
    Tickets Sold: 103K
    Number of Shows: 10
    All-Genre Top 100 Rank: N/A
    Highlights: Globe-trotting K-pop group with sold-out shows in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia.

    Total Earnings: $7.9M
    Tickets Sold: 77.5K
    Number of Shows: 9
    All-Genre Top 100 Rank: N/A
    Highlights: Built a strong base in Asia with seven-figure grosses in Seoul, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

    Total Earnings: $7M
    Tickets Sold: 36.9K
    Number of Shows: 4
    All-Genre Top 100 Rank: N/A
    Highlights: Reported stellar results in North America and Europe throughout 2023.
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