All of them are tasty!


Bogor or called 'the City of Rain' has a variety of authentic culinary, all of which are delicious. You may know Asinan Bogor and Soto Mie, but do you know that there are still many more legendary dishes from Bogor? 

Unfortunately, currently, those culinary are rare to be found. Yet, not for Doclang and Es Pala (Iced Nutmeg Fruit).

Doclang, the old traditional dish from Bogor

You may not be familiar with the name of the dish. However, no one can't answer the origin and the name of this food. Doclang has been one of the most traditional cuisines of Bogor. Doclang consists of rice cake, fried tofu, potato, boiled eggs, and crackers. That is a very typical combination of the cuisine of Bogor, right?


Photo Courtesy of Indonesia Kaya

Rice cake, tofu, and potatoes are sliced into small slices. Then a half of boiled egg and the last step was to pour all with thick peanut sauce. Before crackers are added, pieces of the material that has been run by thick peanut sauce will be given soy sauce.

Interestingly, most sellers use a less common type of soy sauce. The sweet black liquid that is often used comes from the Bogor-produced brand, namely Zebra sweet soy sauce.

However, ABC and other brands are sometimes also used due to the increasing difficulty of finding zebra-branded ketchup.

Is Doclang tasty?

Simple but tasty. Some say it feels like another old cuisine from Jakarta called "Kupat Tahu" and are essentially very similar to materials. The difference lies in the wrapper of the rice cake.

Doclang used the rice cake wrapped in "patat" leaves (Phrynium capitatum) that has long been used as a packaging material in the Bogor community. Maybe that's where the different tastes "doclang" and "kupat tahu".


Photo Courtesy of Resep Dapur Ema

As well as other traditional foods in Bogor, their presence has been gradually less and less day by day. Sometimes it is easy to find them, on another occasion it is difficult. If we waited, they did not show up.

Nevertheless, there are some places you can go to find this traditional dish, which is in the area of Jemabatn Merah (the Red Bridge) and Jl. Cibalagung, near the gate of Kebun Raya Residence (you can find Doclang Mang Odik there, it is pretty famous among tourists, even visited by Mr. Bondan for his culinary TV show).

Es Pala (Iced Nutmeg Fruit) with a distinctive taste

Es Pala or Iced Nutmeg Fruit is one of the typical Bogor beverages with a distinctive taste. That said, this traditional beverage has been around since the Dutch colonial period. Since the 1950s, Es Pala has been present among the people of Bogor.


Photo Courtesy of Tribun News Bogor

With the natural freshness that is very popular, making this beverage is quite simple and easy. So don't be surprised if this traditional Bogor beverage is popular among local people and tourists. The materials needed are also easy to find.

Es Pala Bogor is made from sliced ​​​​sweetened nutmeg, added with simple syrup and ice cubes before serving.

Derived from fresh nutmeg, this traditional beverage has a fragrant and fresh aroma. In addition, fresh fruit juice makes it very suitable for you to drink when the weather is hot.

Benefits of consuming Es Pala Bogor

The nutmeg fruit is very easy to find in Bogor because this fruit is a typical fruit of this city. It has a variety of benefits for the health of the body.


Photo Courtesy of Kompas Travel

One of them is to get rid of toxins from the body. In other words, this typical Bogor fruit has a relatively high antioxidant content.

Other benefits that you can get by consuming this traditional Bogor beverage are pretty diverse. Starting from overcoming insomnia, nausea, bad breath, indigestion to pain during menstruation for women.

So by consuming Es Pala Bogor, besides enjoying its freshness, you can also get various benefits for the body.



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