The latest movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe flooded with critics from audiences and experts.


Many cinema-goers and movie lovers have anticipated the re-opening of cinema theatres all over the cities in Indonesia. The wait is finally over. After almost two years of watching movies via movie streaming platforms—even the newly released ones, we can eventually cure our longing to enjoy a movie on a big screen. 

We can not talk about movies without leaving out one of the biggest franchises in the movie industry, Marvel Cinematic Universe, or also widely known as the MCU. The MCU movies attract audiences and loyal fans from a wide range of ages with superheroes stories.

Their most famous movie hit was the Avengers, which unites Marvel’s superheroes, who each have their solo movie: Spiderman, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther, dr. Strange and many more. After the primary Avengers era ended before the pandemic through their final story entitled End Game, Marvel has endorsed new heroes through new movies.

The MCU is known as a highly profitable franchise. However, it is also run by thoughtful people who are after more than just a paycheck. That is why they invited an Oscar Winner, Chloe Zhao, to direct one of their new movies. They even asked her which story she was interested in. She came back with a very strong pitch of the Eternals—an ambitious film filled with god-like powers heroes.

Zhao begins the movie through lore narrated with a rolling text about beings from another planet brought to the Earth to fight parasites. However, the real purpose of the mission will be revealed later in the middle of the story. These beings consist of 10 heroes, each blessed with specific god-like powers that complement each other. 


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Not every Marvel character is destined to be an icon, and the Eternals might not be the one. Though the movie is highly profitable, grossed $118.1 Million, it does not cover that the Eternals first screen was filled for critics. Some said that the Eternals is the worst film in the MCU due to the lack of depth of each character.

The characters are showcased as a bunch of overwhelmed, powerful beings, and the storyline is messy, tangled with flashbacks. The movie's main flaw is mainly centered in the pacing of the scenes, sometimes things feel either too slow or too fast, and that is not good for a movie longer than two and a half hours. 

On the other hand, the cinematography of this film is no joke. Critics stated that Eternals might be the best-looking film in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Strong cinematography filled with numerous shots of gorgeous views can be enjoyed throughout the movie. Zhao’s action scenes are clear, crisp, and highly captivating.

The sequences send emotional resonance to the audience, so each of the character’s strikes felt real. The most impressive aspect of this movie might be the representation, which is highly likable in our progressive society. A group of people plays the main characters from various ethnicities. This is also the first movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which showed LGBTQ+ characters and scenes. 


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Eternals is a good movie, but compared to the standard of Marvel Studios, Eternals could have been better. It is still worth watching, though, especially if you have no plans at all this weekend. In Indonesia, Eternals is safe to watch for kids because Indonesia’s Censorship Committee has cut all the kissing and sexual scenes. It is now rated 13+.

Grab your buttery popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the movie! Tell us about your judgment of Eternals through our Instagram page! 



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