It's the first snack in Indonesia with 4 layers in one bite


Calbee Wings released the new innovated snacks on September 7, 2021. It's Guribee Layers. It's the first snack in Indonesia with 4 layers in one bite to bring enjoyment in the middle of the business of the young Indonesian generation.

To celebrate this launch, Calbee Wings collaborates with Angga Yunanda, a multi-talented young actor, as a Brand Ambassador of Guribee Layers. Now, Calbee Wings keeps innovating to offers snacks that fit with the current trend shift.

"Uncertainty situation since the last year is quite challenging for all of us, mainly for our youth. This condition emerges a new trend where snacks become the mood booster to give a simple enjoyment in our everyday life. Therefore, Calbee Wings creates Guribee Layers, the first and most-innovated snack in Indonesia that has 4 layers with a unique sensation," Lindawaty Lauw, Head of Marketing PT Calbee Wings Food, said. 


Photo Courtesy of Calbee Wings

Angga Yunanda, as a young multi-talented actor that has highly passionate about trying a new thing, has become a public figure to represent Guribee Layers to inspire many Indonesian young generations. 

"Honestly, I am very happy to be part of Calbee Wings's family where currently launching their new product, Guribee Layers. Snacking has became part of my life that brings a fun in the middle of my activities, like shooting, reading, and mostly, when I am in chilling time at home," he said.

"Since pandemic is rolling out, my schedule changed. So, I got my inspiration to try something new, including trying new snack. I am very excited because Guribee Layers become the first snack that give innovation in Indonesia, and the most important, this product is extremely delicious and it's never getting bored!" he added. 

Guribee Layers itself offers some favorite Indonesian flavors, it's BBQ Balado and Seaweed. Currently, Guribee Layers are available in supermarkets, minimarket, hypermarkets, and some e-commerces thorough Indonesia. They have two variation sizes; 68 grams prices Rp7,500 and Rp1,000 that will be launched quickly. 

"Continuing our commitment to keep innovation since Calbe Wings established five years ago, we have a big hope for Guribee Layers that have a hashtag #SegituKrispinya is able to give new snacking atmosphere with full of fun for Indonesian people," Linda said. 

About Calbee Wings

Calbee Wings is a snack company that is joint venturing from Japan and Wings from Indonesia. Mixing two worlds, Calbee Wings has a tagline, "Harvesting the Power of Nature".

Calbee has been the number one brand snack in Japan, has been working with 10 countries, and has been doing expansion in some categories, not only snacks but also cereal products. While Wings has been well-known as the leading FMCG company in Indonesia for more than 60 years and is believed to have strong distribution chains and is well established. 



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