Story of success in starting and growing an import logistics and expedition company


The import sector is still popular among Indonesian businesspeople. The pandemic aside, the value of imports is predicted to rise in April 2021. The high value of imports creates a significant opportunity for Indonesians such as Gusmavin Willopo, the owner of the Wilopo Cargo logistics expedition business, to flourish.

Gusmavin noted that the field of import logistics has a lot of promise in Indonesia. Furthermore, there weren't many competitors in its online sector back in 2018-2019.

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"Beginning as a self-taught learner of the online world, I progressed to working as a freelance website construction service. Until, one day, while working on the website and back-end program of a logistics company, I saw an opportunity to start this business. I also have a strong interest in business," Gusmavin added.

Like many greenhorn businesspeople, however, he fell to the typical trappings of the world of business. But he didn't let the failure crush him. "I was duped and mismanaged my business funds, causing me to lose billions of rupiah. I turned a difficult situation into a positive challenge to do better in the future. I maintain an optimistic attitude, believing that through failing, I am progressing. By putting myself outside my comfort zone, I am pushed to find a way out and continue to grow."

Wilopo Cargo is currently expanding at a rapid pace because of the family's perseverance and support. Gusmavin eventually launched three new businesses in a year and grew the number of his employees to more than 80 individuals in less than two years. Not only that, but Gusmavin has grown his forwarding firm from zero to tens of billions of dollars per month.

"At the moment, we have a holding company named Wilopo Group, which has three business lines: Wilopo Cargo, Toko Cuan (dropship reseller application), and Globeli (China-Indonesia marketplace). Our fundamental credo in managing the organization is 'Delivering Your Dream'," Gusmavin said.

Gusmavin believes success can be achieved by just about everyone. He never went to college or received a university education, but he was able to make it with enthusiasm, effort, and belief. He advised budding businesses to start slowly at first — they'd be forced to think (and grow) later.

Aside from that, Gusmavin also believes in making positive changes. His Wilopo Cargo, for instance, is engaged in various corporate social responsibility efforts. Among its many initiatives, it provided free oxygen cylinders to people who require them back in July 2021 as well as distributed free vitamins and masks to assist people in large in the ongoing fight against the pandemic.



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