Following HECO Master Builders, sponsored by several ventures and held in Bali, the company announced its support for Metaverse.


On January 15, 2022, the HECO Master Builders Global Tour took place in Bali, Indonesia. During the event, the decentralized public chain announced that it would focus on developing the Metaverse and gaming in 2022 while also supporting start-up projects.

The Metaverse and Web3 have been on the radar of various industry players. The Metaverse inspired developers to innovate and create new products and services for the platform.

HECO started its innovations in the Metaverse and Web3 in 2021. Currently, the company has a presence in almost ten fields, including gaming and social communities.

HECO has also accumulated deep knowledge in gaming, having worked on various game categories such as RPG, VR, and 3D virtual reality. In 2021, the company also launched the Joint Accelerator Program to support game developers.

HECO's core business is focused on supporting start-ups and chain services. Following the launch of the One-Million-Dollar Incentive program, the company will continue to support developers globally while also developing the HECO chain.

The ambitious HECO Master Builder
The company's first event of the new year, the HECO Master Builders Global Tour, was a resounding success. With a strong team and a dedicated focus on continuous improvement, HECO will support developers in the future.

"As its first event of the new year, the activities that took place during HECO Master Builders Global Tour in Indonesia have achieved fantastic results," HECO's official statement read. "HECO is well placed to spearhead project development in the coming year and we expect to provide quality support to both developers and users, as always."

The company will organize the HECO Master Builder Global Tour in various locations in the following year. These include Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, India, and Dubai.

The HECO Master Builders is an ambitious project that the company could not achieve alone. As of December 2021, HECO has 27 ventures supporting the event as sponsors. Those sponsors play an important role in the HECO Master Builders program, as the projects they support are given priority review.

HECO Master Builder sponsor list includes Animoca Brands - a digital entertainment and blockchain leader that was recently ranked in the Financial Times' High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific list, Synergis Capital - that was founded by Jerry Shi in 2018, a former investment banker of a leading Chinese firm, and the BlockVenture Coalition - that was established to support university students and researchers in the field of blockchain.

In addition, there are also Republic Ventures - a financial technology firm that enables people to invest in private markets, also founded by Jerry Shi, Shima Capital - a global venture capital firm with offices in Silicon Valley and Asia, and Momentum 6 - a venture builder operating in the blockchain space. It operates around venture management, marketing, and research to create a leading blockchain firm.

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