Fashion Film: Realm of Silence premiere


Following the success in capturing people’s attention through the stage of Milan Fashion Week 2020, Maquinn will be officially launching their very first fashion film in June 2021. This masterpiece will also name them as the first Indonesian haute fashion brand to produce fashion films in Milan, Italy. With a setting taking place at Palazzo Emilio Turati, Fashion Film: Realm of Silence can be watched through Maquinn’s official Instagram account, @maquinnofficial.

In this movie, the five gowns which are full of European Baroque style aesthetics would be concrete evidence that a tough situation will never be a ‘deadlock’ for us to keep up with the work. Instead, Maquinn takes the obstacles resulting for the fashion industry from this COVID-19 pandemic as a challenge to sharpen creativity and broaden the market to wedding gown products. 

Photo Courtesy of Maquinn 

Realm of Silence is about the four statues which decorate the Queen's palace. Statues are naturally inanimate objects. But, in this movie, these four statues could move every time the Queen wasn’t around. And thus, in the beginning, this movie provides audiences with the scene of four women in evening dresses who seem busy with their own activities. One of these women is looking for the source of a voice she heard and almost fails to come back when the Queen is heading to the exhibition hall. One of the remaining three statues, who have already been standing in the display stands, are looking for her immediately and take her back to her position right before the Queen enters the hall. 

If we observe it, these four women represent different kinds of characters in a person. Maquinn has faith that every person is unique because they have more than one side, which will appear in turn throughout their daily lives.

“One is mature, calm, and assertive. And the other one is just childish, innocent, and pure. But that is exactly the charm. This character could make a person behave more actively and often disobey things to attain what they want. We present this idea through Maquinn’s high luxury gowns,” said Benita. 

The idea is also included in the gown worn by the Queen. As the main apparel in this collection, that wedding gown generates majestic and luxurious vibes that strengthen its overbearing aura. “maquinn believes that everybody has their own prestige that makes the other people want to respect and value their presences. Even if it is not shown explicitly, it would emanate from within and turn a person into a special one. This theory led Maquinn to choose the theme Realm of Silence,” Janice explained. 

Maquinn took it seriously when deciding to engage in wedding gown products. Not only that Realm of Silence promotes high luxury gowns from the Haute Couture Spring Summer 2021 collection, but this film is also a debut for the wedding gowns created by two Indonesian young designers, Janice Setyawan and Benita Setyawan, who are behind Maquinn. 

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