A luxury children's clothing label made by Indonesian designer, Winnie Aoki.


Genius siblings, Mischka Aoki and Devon Kei Enzo have became a trending topic due to their achievement at the international mathematical olympiad. Behind the brilliant children, there is a brilliant mom. She is Winnie Aoki.

Aoki is a high-end fashion entrepreneur. She has a fashion label for children, named Mischka Aoki which is taken from her daughter’s name. Beyonce’s daughters, Blue Ivy, wore one of her collections on the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA)’s red carpet event five years ago. 

Mischka Aoki: haute couture for children

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Mischka Aoki, known as “the haute couture" for children, is a luxury fashion label launched in 2009 by Winnie Aoki. This gorgeous brand is known for its exclusivity and exceptional craftsmanship, producing couture dresses for children with hundreds of hours of craftsmanship to perfection.

Mischka Aoki fashion show

Designed for the 'mini fashionista', Aoki designs couture fashion for children ages 1-16 years old. The brand is creating a range that is both exclusive and limited, unlike anything that has been seen before in the children’s fashion.

Mischka Aoki is the only children’s label that was invited to have a solo runway show at Perth Fashion Week in Australia. The brand can also be found on the runway at the New York Kids Fashion Week – petitePARADE.

Mischka Aoki was created from Aoki's passion for style and fashion. It all started when Aoki's daughter, Mischka, was born in 2008.

"I couldn’t find anything that, to me, looked stylish and different for her to wear for special occasions. So I ended up designing and making dresses for her – and that’s how it started," said Aoki.


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When Aoki designed a dress, everything is carefully thought out and beautifully constructed – from the asymmetrical hemlines, boldly placed embroidered lace with flower appliqués to handmade organza flowers. All Mischka Aoki pieces are incredibly intricate and made by hand. Nothing is ordinary and every dress proudly declares the work of exquisite craftsmanship and love.

"The inspirations can come from anywhere – from the weather, places I’ve traveled, books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen. For example, the SS13 collection was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I was intrigued to create Alice’s world in a light, elegant atmosphere, as opposed to the quirkiness and darkness that is normally associated with the story.

When Aoki was interviewed by Collezioni about why she choose to design haute couture for children, she said that she got inspiration when her daughter. She felt that there isn’t anything in the market that would be stylish enough but luxurious at the same time, especially for a little girl, so she saw that there is great potential in this particular market, and that’s when Mischka Aoki was established.

“I think that it’s important to be true to what we love; that’s the only way you will create something unique. I have always loved and appreciated the details and craftsmanship in couture fashion."

"The freedom to create something unique. Exploring different techniques, processes, and fabrics and the ability to concentrate on creating something beautiful is very important to me. Those who buy Mischka Aoki know that they are buying a beautifully created, meticulously crafted, exceptional quality and one of a kind pieces,” said Aoki. 



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