Mulliner has revealed a space-themed, personalized version of the Bentayga Speed. What does the car look like, and what does the car have?


One of the things Bentley is known for is how they have Mulliner in their arsenal. The brand's in-house design division was founded to craft special editions for car enthusiasts who can bankroll Bentley's asking price.

Recently, Mulliner finished a custom-build space-themed version of the $262,125 (Rp 3,76 billion) Bentayga Speed for a certain unnamed customer.

Mulliner has been around for quite some time and has made numerous special editions. But Bentley admits that this is a special occasion as it is their first time building a car inspired by the outer space.

Mulliner decided that to bring the idea to life, they have to present outer space elements to the SUV, particularly by carefully choosing both interior and exterior colors.

The interior of the Bentley's Bentayga Speed Space Edition is soaked with the colors of beluga whale and porpoise. The two animals have an interesting mix of grey and white, which some can say is nearly silver. According to Bentley, the combination of the two colors is more than sufficient to represent the nuance of the night sky.

Courtesy of Bentley

Whereas for the exterior, the special edition comes in a dark metallic grey. Not stopping there, Mulliner added a touch of orange lines throughout the car's lower portion, meant to represent a comet.

One of the most captivating parts of the car is its specially crafted scuff plates. The space Bentayga's scuff plates are completely hand-made, with an illustration of the solar system.

Courtesy of Bentley

"Space Coast in Central Florida has long been established as the world's gateway to exploring the universe above, so space travel and exploration were the perfect themes to inspire this unique car. Just as space is limitless, the opportunities for customization with the Mulliner design team were only limited by our collective imagination," commented Joseph Wierda, Bentley Orlando General Manager.

Engines and customizations
The Speed Space Edition is hardly different from the standard Bentayga in terms of engines, however. It is still powered by the same 626 hp six-liter twin-turbocharged W-12 engine with a max torque of 900 Nm.

Nonetheless, Bentley's official statement claimed that the personalized car comes with special customizations. The sport mode, for example, has been recalibrated to increase the W-12 engine response.

In addition to that, the car's eight-speed automatic transmission, Bentley Dynamic Ride, as well as its air suspension system have been given special adjustments. The said adjustments are said to provide the car with a more dynamic drive. The vehicle will perform "like a rocket", the official statement says.

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