Everybody talks about that, but is that really good for you?


Dalgona has been very popular in the past year, but now, proffee is ready to perform on the stage. Combinations between coffee and protein shakes are wildly trending on TikTok and considered a most-wanted healthy drink today. TikTok users who are fitness-addict also introduce proffee to the public to comply with their protein needs while enjoying caffeine at the same time. 

The hashtag #proffee on TikTok has been viewed more than 331K times so far. They record while ordering two or three venti-sized espresso cups at Starbucks, then adding their ready-to-drink protein shakes. Meanwhile, other users who do not like to go to gymnastics add a taste of syrup-like mocha or caramel. And don't forget to put whipped cream on the top to make it tastier. 

Proffee can be enjoyed in hot or cold serving, depending on your preference. Premier Protein and Quest Protein Shake are the most used brands for it. But you can use any protein shake that is easier to find. 

Is proffee healthy?

According to nutritionist Shena Jaramilo, adding a protein shake to your coffee is a great way to get extra nutrients in the morning. Many people tend to choose coffee to substitute their breakfast. It can erase essential nutrients. 

Protein shakes in coffee can add a sweet taste and nutrition at the same time. This is the healthier way to enjoy coffee in the morning instead of putting sugar and cream. While for those who are exercising in the morning routinely, replacing regular coffee with proffee helps you build muscles. 

According to research conducted by the Society of Sports Nutrition in 2017, you are consuming high-quality protein two hours before a workout can stimulate muscle protein synthesis, which is suitable for repairing damage's muscle.  Nutritionist Amy Davis said protein helps to improve, heal, and grow muscles after a workout. Adding protein to your coffee is a quick and easy way to make a proper dose of protein after a workout.

But for you who rarely do work out, proffee still benefits you as it offers full-feeling longer. In turn, the desire for snacking before lunchtime can be reduced. 

Breakfast with high protein has been shown to increase satiety and reduce your food cravings. Another good point is that caffeine can act as an energy booster and increase your alertness. 

Seeing coffee and protein from a healthy side

Like a double-edged sword, coffee has a good and bad side for your body. Coffee contains high antioxidants, which are suitable for the body's protection from free radicals and relax your body. 

However, coffee can be evil if you add sugar, syrup, or high-calorie creamer. On the other hand, the body needs protein to build muscle, to grow your skin and hair. Protein can also make antibodies for the immune system and repair cells. Starting the day with protein can stabilize your blood sugar levels. 

Protein needs are different for each person. We need to consider age, weight, and daily routine to measure our needs. According to the British Heart Foundation, adults need around 0,75 grams of protein per day, while for women, it's about 45 grams and 55 grams for men. 

So, is proffe good for you? The answer is yes. But you need to be aware that adding artificial sweeteners is not recommended. Also, please consider using protein shakes of high quality. 

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