Sarinah holds offline Jakarta Content Week.


Sarinah Jakarta Content Week is back. This time, the festival that combines books and other creative works and activities is being held offline from 1-12 December 2021 at the Sarinah tower, Central Jakarta. 

This event features discussions, film screenings, exhibitions, charity auctions, and other exciting activities organized by the 17000 Pulau Imaji Foundation and the Frankfurt Book Fair as the initiator of Jaktent since 2020.

"We hope that Road to Sarinah will be a starting point for friends in the creative industry," said Executive Director of the Imaji Island 17000 Foundation Gianita Kadarisman. 

According to President Director of PT Sarinah (Persero), Fetty Kwartati, about 40 offline events are scheduled to be presented. "During the offline event in Sarinah, the public can also enjoy The Market and Icon segment of the event which presents competitions and cosplay events," said Fetty.

Kami Latu X Batin Fashion Collection

Among the charity activities in the event is Adraworld's "From Jakarta to Nggela and From Jakarta To Paris Fashion Week as Road to Sarinah is an implementation of the spirit of "Embracing Local Creative Movement". 

Nggela is a traditional village in Flores, NTT, which was devastated by a fire in 2018. This charity, complete with a fashion show and an auction of the Kami Latu x Batin fashion collection, aims to support the economic development of the Nggela community.


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Designer Hayuning Sumbadra (Adraworld) is set to feature 12 masterpieces in the fashion show. In the spirit of charity, Hayuning uses materials from woven fabrics made by women from the Nggela Traditional Village, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Proceeds from the auction will be donated for the reconstruction of the traditional houses in the Nggela village that burned down in 2018.

Meanwhile, Manusia Harum (Ambarjanma) is Adraworld's collaboration with HMNS, an Indonesian perfume brand inspired by the confusion created by harmful levels of fake news circulating in the country. Manusia Harum revolutionizes fragrances by making an "impossible" scent by presenting two different perfume scents in one package, the use of which also needs to be combined with the two scents. These creations will be present at Paris Fashion Week 2022.


In support of SMEs

Seven firms — BRI Ventures, PT Badgerindo Investama Ganendra, Bali Investment Club, SF Fund, Sarinah, WGSHub and Rekata Studio — will also welcome SMEs pitches in the event.

"This is very exciting because we know that 80 percent of BRI's customers are SMEs. We hope that this collaboration can provide a platform for all SME players who will work together with Sarinah, with the hope that in the future, the economy will improve and SMEs will move to increase their production," said Handayani, BRI's Director of Consumer Business, on the same occasion. "Of course, We hope to provide banking accessibility that is easily accessible." 


Photo Courtesy of Jaktent

This collaboration came from the Jakarta Creative City Forum (JCCF) and the Indonesia Creative City Network (ICCN). Among the special guests for this entire event were representatives of the German state-sponsored by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"Sarinah's presence can actually be a bigger opportunity if we can use Sarinah as a joint platform going forward to take Indonesia to a wider stage. What is certain is that this event can be an effective means for exploring or distributing products of our creative economy to a wider market in the future," said JCCF Supervisory Board Ricky Pesik.




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