When it comes to packing smart, several items should be considered a priority. Check out these seven things you need to pack in your suitcase.


Knowing how to pack for a long trip isn't easy. Sometimes even when you prepare everything, accidents can still happen - people lose things or stuff can get stolen. 

Planning ahead could be one of the strategies to ensure your security during your trip whether it be a vacation, business trip, or family trip. Here is a check-list of items for you to keep track of when packing your carry-on bag. 

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One of the most important things to pack for your travels is any documents you'll need throughout the trip. These include IDs, flight tickets, and passports because you won't get very far without them, especially if you are taking an international flight. Keep your wallet and any physical tickets always in the carry-on bag. 

Just in case anything happens during a trip, it's a smart idea to print out tickets, directions, and itineraries that you've stored on your phone. Likewise, it's just as clever to store soft copies of your documents on your phone. 

Phone charger

Just like bringing an umbrella before it rains for precautions, it is better to not assume that your phone's battery life could last for the whole day. Keep your charger close to you in case your phone needs a quick boost. Another alternative is to bring a portable charger to give your phone a charge on the go. 

EU and US Adapters

Adapters are often an overlooked item, but once you're prepared with it, you're free to go and charge your devices wherever you may be. If you are heading for an international destination, to the United States or Europe, packing US or EU adapters, or both, could save you the worry and money from buying new cables and adapters to ensure your battery life! 

Water bottle

Keeping yourself hydrated is essential for long trips, however, some places are do not always offer adequate access to drinkable water. For that reason, if possible, using a bottle with a filtering system is recommended for your travel. The bottle can be filled with tap water after going through airport security. Better yet, use a collapsible water bottle that can store more space after being emptied.

Socks are important to protect your feet from rubbing against your shoes. Some unexpected things like missing the bus or train schedule overseas could make you walk long, unpredictable lengths. Here is where socks come in handy to put in your carry-on. For cold places, packing thick socks will ensure your leisure trip a little more. 

Medications include prescribed meds or your commonly used meds. For example, if you know that you often have constipation during trips, then it is better to bring constipation-relief meds in your carry-on. Moreover, bring small ointments or hot oils at your convenience to reduce any ear barotrauma during your flight. Be sure to check liquid restrictions from your flight details. 

The good news about chapstick is that it is not considered liquid. Not only do chapsticks keep your lips hydrated, but they are also lightweight so that your will not feel any discomfort. Nowadays, chapsticks are packed with anti-UV protection so that your lips will stay soft throughout the trip.

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