Here the best smartwatches in 2021.


Smartwatches can do everything. It can monitor your health, track your exercise, flashlight, make a call and text message on your wrist, and absolutely, showing the time. The brands are very competitive now; they do all these things better than others. Some have vast numbers of apps you can download, and some have batteries that will barely last a day, while others can go nearly a week on a charge. And of course, there's style: The best smartwatches can be customized, from their straps to their faces, to best fit with your personality. 

It considers its design, feature set, battery life, performance speed, fitness smarts, price, and more. Here are the best smartwatches in 2021.

Apple Watch SE

Reason to buy:

- compatible with iPhone

- long battery usage up to 18 hours (36 hours in the first trial)

- health tracker

- can be used for swimming

- Apple pay

- notification and calling

The best winning places on its health feature, as Apple proclaims. ECG and Sp02 are the most advanced features that can record heart rate and measure oxygen levels in the body. Plus, the battery can live until 36 hours on the first trial. 

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

Reason to buy:

- Compatible with iOS and Android

- Waterproof up to 50 meters

- AMOLED screen

- GPS built-in

- heart rate tracker

- SPO2 (oximeter)

- Notifications and music controls

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini has the most advanced features and affordable price in its series. It is equipped with 60 different exercise modes, stress, and sleep trackers. The lightweight and sporty design are very suitable for you who like sports. The AMOLED screen is very clear, making this series more stunning. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Reason to buy:

- Tizen operating system

- Available in LTE version

- AMOLED screen in 360x360 size

- Complete health tracker (ECG, blood pressure, oximeter, heart rate)

- Sleep tracker

- Fall detection

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 offers one of the best smartwatch experiences on the market, with a dazzling design and top-end spec that allows it to run as smoothly as any other wearable on the market. It isn’t faultless, and its improvements over the original Galaxy Watch are limited, but if the middling battery life or high price don’t put you off, this may be perfect for you.

Garmin Venu 2

Reason to buy:

- compatible with iPhone and Android

- completed health features, including Garmin watch body battery

- AMOLED screen with Always On Display menu

- battery able to last up to 11 days


- Garmin Pay and Garmin Connect IQ

The Venu 2 series sports two sizes now (45mm and 40mm), as well as a slew of updated health and sports features. Under the covers, though, are arguably some of the biggest changes. A new integrated processor and GPU increase graphic power, making it the first watch to support Garmin’s Connect IQ 4.0 app platform–as well as a significantly revamped user interface that feels a bit more modern and polished. A new generation optical heart rate sensor also brings with it infrared sensors for increased PulseOx accuracy.

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