Denny Nugraha is the founder of bigboyLOOKSGOOD, a big-size male fashion local brand from Indonesia.


BigboyLOOKSGOOD is an example of a local brand that has successfully attracted big-sized men — a very specific market segment. Denny Nugraha, the founder of bigboyLOOKSGOOD, shows that people don't need to hide who they are. Just be proud of yourself no matter what.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, just think out of the box and dare to be different. Let's learn his brand of entrepreneurial mindset!

First of all, thank you for giving the Indonesian market an alternative in shopping for their favorite fashion item. But what is the story behind bigboyLOOKSGOOD?

Our brand was originally called RockingIndonesia. We sold all-male fashion items, like bowties, shirts, male glasses, and so on. Afterward, we learned from our customers that they need clothing in larger sizes. Not only XL or 2XL but until 5XL.

It seems that there weren't many retailers offering clothing in very extra-large sizes at the time. We tried to fill the gap. When we announced on Twitter that we have 4XL and 5XL sizes, the response was very good. Our campaign tagline was "Big Boy Looks Good".

Mostly, big-sized men hide their sizes by wearing. I thought, "Why?"

I want them to embrace their body condition as they are. A big man can be handsome too, right?

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Then, I thought, why don't we just use this tagline to become the name of our brand? I want the name's brand to be directly associated with what we're selling. So, we officially changed our name in 2016.

When did you start this business? Is this your first business?

2009. I can say that I am proud of the milestone of my business. The pandemic hasn't been able to stop our business growth. Instead, we were able to open our offline store in Plaza Indonesia, which we think is quite prestigious.

I worked as a full-time employee before trying my luck in the creative industry.

Could you please tell us your role in your own business? Are you also taking part in curating or making fashion design?

I run this business with my partner. My role focuses on choosing fabrics, designing, maintaining our social media platform, marketing, and handling partnership. 

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At this moment, we have a plan to launch our newest collection: Artisan Series, in April. It's a kind of clothing made by adding handicrafts such as hand painting, embroidery, and weaving involving Balinese craft artists.

We see that you are also selling the batik shirt. Do you think that our batik has the great potential to become the leading fashion item in the world?

Indonesian batik can be promoted as a hand-made textile that needs a lot of time and effort to make. A batik pattern can be easily replicated, but no one can duplicate the process of making batik with our own two hands. In my opinion, selling batik Indonesia as a difficult-to-make item may garner more respect from people around the world.

We heard that you run a home-based business. What are the pros and cons of this strategy?

We are 70 percent home-based business at the beginning. During the pandemic, we empowered local craftsmen in Bali to manufacture our mask straps.

As the tourism industry in Bali continues to grow, I believe that the home-based business sector should grow as well so that they can both thrive simultaneously.

Not many SMEs can survive. What does the most challenging part become an entrepreneur, in your opinion?

How to make your product commercially viable.

Which is the more enjoyable: being an employee or entrepreneur?

I enjoy being both because I believe they present different difficulties. But I am happy being a businessman. It's a dynamic life, and the challenges that we meet every day are quite complex. 

However, the effort is well worth the reward. And if we accomplish our goal, we are the happiest people on the planet.

Some say that the greatest privilege that comes with running one's own business is flexible time. Yes, this is right. However, entrepreneurs put in three times as much effort as the average worker. We don't have enough time in a day. Sometimes, we don't even have a holiday.

How would you advise an employee who aspires to become an entrepreneur?

Well, switching your job to become an entrepreneur is not easy. Working with something that you really love is important, but the most crucial questions are, "Can your passion be commercialized?", "Have you already strengthened your entrepreneurial mind?"

After deciding what you want to sell, create unique yet relatable stories that can be sold. Just dare to be different, and promote your products!




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