"The Fox, The Folks", a Bandung-based animation team soars its creativity at the Tokyo Light Festival 2021.


"The Fox, The Folks" is a Bandung-based animation team that won the top prize at the Tokyo Light Festival 2021 at Meiji Jingu Gaien Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery. The team consist of Fadjar Kurnia, Rafico Lingga Adiyoga and Muhammad Fahry Aziz.

The team won two awards at the 2021 Tokyo Light Festival with their "Through the Night" piece. The first one was the Grand Prize, while the second one was the Audience Award. The Fox, The Folks won a total of ¥2,010,000 in cash for winning the two categories, respectively ¥2 million from the Grand Award and another ¥10,000 from the Audience Award.

"We are very happy and we never thought that we would actually win. Especially if you look at the other competitors from other countries whose works are no less good," said Fajar.

"Even when our names were already mentioned we still couldn't believe it and we were left speechless. We dedicate this achievement to Indonesia. Thank you for all the support from everyone."
The Fox, The Folks' achievement on an international stage is recognized by the Indonesian Ambassador to Japan, Heri Akhmadi. 

"Congratulations to The Fox, The Folks. We are very proud of this brilliant achievement as young Indonesians can be creative and be recognized by the international community despite the COVID-19 pandemic," said Akhmadi in his statement.

"Through their spectacular work, which earned them a victory, they made the nation proud. We hope that with this achievement, the collaboration among Indonesian and Japanese artists could be enhanced."

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Other than The Fox, The Folks, there are other notable awardees. Romera Diseño e infografia SL from Spain won the Tokyo Lights Award with its "Alegria". Felix Frank from Germany won the Special Jury Award with its "Arco Iris." 01iMAGE or Noguchi Kazunobu from Japan won the Tokyo Award with its "Jidainote Hands of New Age."
About Tokyo Light Festival
Tokyo Lights Festival is the festival of light that lightened up Tokyo, especially on the last day of the festival, which was September 24 this year. During this event, the committee held a public competition for one of Asia's largest projections mapping competitions.
The Tokyo Light Festival is a project mapping competition that combines the arrangement of sound and light in unique works of art. The event was held from July 1 to September 24 in 2021.

It recorded 246 participants from 54 different countries participating in the competition with 19 out of the 249 participants were from Indonesia, based on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs press release.

The official ambassador of the Tokyo Lights Festival, Mai Shiraishi, was personally impressed with the participants' works. 

"I was very impressed to see the projection mapping video works gathered from all over the world at this historic Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery. I saw various colorful works. I thought I would do my best again for the future! I am honored to be able to witness such a valuable opportunity." said Shiraishi when presenting the Audience Award.

"It's important to see projection mapping realistically, and I think it's the real thrill. But now that it is difficult to hold a real event in such a state all over the world, I was very happy to be able to hold this tournament in real-time while connecting with the world online," said Japanese comedian Daimao Kosaka who was an MC for the event.

When Daimao was asked what would be his canvas for light projection mapping of his own, he replied: "I don't know if it can be done technically, but it would be great if projection mapping could be done with Mt. Everest! Mt. Fuji is reflected on Mt. Everest. It would be nice to say 'what do you mean?"


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