When uncertainty is the most stressful feeling, but you need to deal with it every day


Facing the fear of uncertainty will always leave you feeling stressed and anxious even though we deal with this situation every day. Hard to cope doesn't mean difficult to handle. We must learn from top leaders in the world because they are born with a sequence of uncertainties. They won't tell the exact theory to be applied, but they will give the tools to navigate the uncertainty in daily lives. 

Just accept that not all things under your controls

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In crises, we’re always solving problems, but suddenly it hit us that there was nothing we could solve. There was nothing we could do. That’s when the acceptance began. Doing mistakes is okay, as long as not twice. Accepting our weaknesses can increase our self-love, which is very good to overcome unpredictability.

Prepare for multiple outcomes

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Unfortunately, there isn’t a crystal ball to help you predict the future because there are certain factors that are completely out of your control. Instead of trying to guess what’s going to happen next, place as many small bets as you can on multiple outcomes that are within your control. 

Recognize the opportunity to grow

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Instead of spending a whole time worrying about unknown situations ahead, why don't think about the space to learn something new? When you hear a laid-off issue in your company, it's actually 'the signals' to grow your skills, explore new things out there. 

Implement And Optimize

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Your first idea or action is never your best, but it is the path to improvement and more options. You need to go down the path of your imperfect ideas and then make two commitments. First, you won't beat yourself for what you didn't know at the beginning. Second, debrief, optimize, iterate, or whatever term you like to use for "make it better!" Do it over and over again.

Embrace Ambiguity

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The ability to lean into ambiguity signifies a mature leader. It's essential to have reusable methodologies in your toolkit that can bring structure to chaos and clarity to uncertainty during ambiguous missions. There are lean six sigma and project management methodologies that provide statistical, data-driven approaches for effective problem-solving. This background is vital for top leaders.

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